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Dec 2, 2009 06:54 AM

The Counter's Burgers

The Slashfood blog has a feature today about a burger from a California hamburger chain called "The Counter". I took a look at their website and one of their future locations is Westchester County, NY.

Does anyone know anything about this chain or their burgers?

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  1. Your post got me curious...I went to the website and in theory, it looks like a terrific concept. The menu looks good!!! Wish I knew where it was going to be and when it was opening.

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    1. re: MRS

      Now I am curious too, If anyone knows where it will open in Westchester please speak up. I would love to try this place and I have no trips to California planned in the near future.

      1. re: BridgetC

        I'd like to know also. One of my clients does the mystery shops there and has offered me the northeast franchise when they open............

        1. re: BridgetC

          They are LOOKING dont have any locations as of yet....

          1. re: BridgetC

   can always try to West Hartford location. No need to go all the way to California ;)

        2. wouldn't get too excited yet *L* , i was at least looking forward to chipotle in rye brook, think that fell thru ,also five guys tried for mamaroneck, but never made it. however the biggest draw back to this (decidedly unknown) place is their own photo section, only one pic was food, and not very appealing(imho). but would still like to see what happens here.

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          1. re: rich51

            The Chipotle is not coming? What the hell are they putting in there, then?

            1. re: MRS

              not sure if it is still planned but i did not see the sign recently and it is not showing as coming soon on chipotle site

              1. re: MRS

                found out that chipotle is still coming to rye brook, but they took down the coming soon sign

            2. That Counter web site looks good. There is a red meat vacuum between McDonald's and Morton's to plug.

              IMHO middling restaurant chains expansion plans have failed in Westchester. Perhaps too much savvy local competition, snobbery, tough zoning/building permit issues, and high rents/taxes/utilities. Tough market to enter. The chains franchisees look around, get exhausted and walk away. Or worse, open and drop dead in a year.

              R.I.P: Brueggers Bagels, Red Robin's, Bennigan's, Fuddruckers, Fatburger, Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, Church's Chicken, KFC, Taco Bell, Arthur Treacher's, Can't Believe etc. Yogurt stores.

              A category killer like Cheesecake, CPK, Applebee's or Panera can make it though.

              Even the apparently successful chains have problems with disappointing locations.

              Where in Rye Brook was Chipotle supposed to go? I doubt the country club set there would be thrilled.

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              1. re: Barrels41

                Web site does look good - and there is one in West Hartford, CT. I will have to stop on my next trip up to Mass from Long Island...

                1. re: Barrels41

                  chipotle was planned for the rye ridge shopping ctr., it was where the theatre used to be (at least the sign announcing coming soon) was right there. i think they would have done well, the deli certainly has a huge following, and the prices to go with it, but all the food places there seem to do well

                  1. re: rich51

                    Chipotle is still for Rye Brook plus 2 other similar food shops.

                2. I went on the website and it really looks like a good concept - kind of like Melt Sandwich Shop in White Plains. I hope they do open in Westchester and somewhere from White Plains and north!!!

                  1. Well, I just got back from my first lunch at The Counter in Times Square (I work a block away) and it won't be my last. While I'm not a regular burger eater, this one is well worth trying out. Lots of size, meat, toppings and types of bread to choose from and at $8.95 for a 1/3 pound burger (with most of the toppings included), it's such a deal. And don't miss the french fries and the fried sweet potatoes. YUM! But if you don't want to wait, get their early or late (at least at lunchtime) cause it's already mobbed. Nice servers, too! In the midst of over-priced touristy traps, this one's worth checking out!