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Dec 2, 2009 06:22 AM

Please help! Restaurant with SMALL private room in Central NJ

I'm planning a suprise vow renewal ceremony for my parents, and I am looking for a good restaurant with a small private room! We are in Manalapan, NJ and I would like to find something in Central NJ. Would love your suggestions!!

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  1. How small are you looking for? Daryl's wine bar in New Brunswick has a small room in back.

    1. Stage Left also has a few small rooms too.

      1. You could also look at Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury. Along with having large rooms they have small private rooms. It's a nice restaurant with good food.

        1. I think Moonstruck in Asbury Park has a few small private rooms.....

          1. What about That's Amore on 9 in Marlboro? I cannot even tell you how many functions I have been to there!! Bridal, baby showers, funerals, birthdays, communions, baptisms....they have always done a great job and the food always came out very nicely prepared! It's a BYOB so they can cut some expense.

            I also want to add Fromogerie in Rumson. We recently went to a surprise party there and the food and atmosphere were great! Everyone left super happy, and super drunk.. ha ha! just kidding...