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Dec 2, 2009 06:05 AM

Any ideas in Killeen?

Hi, I'm in DC and confess I know very little about the geography of Texas. I have no idea how far Killeen is from a larger metro area, but my husband is staying there for 3 weeks and needs some decent food recommendations. So far he reports that his only options are on-post at Fort Hood (where he's working) and a long road of chain restaurants. He ate at Red Lobster last night, so he's going to need some better options soon or go insane. I'm open to any recs, even those that are a little farther away that he can drive to on the weekend, but some close options would be nice for dinner. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I also travel to Killeen on a regular basis, we tend to avoid the big chain places. Here are our favorites.

    Oxbow Steak House in Belton. this east of Killeen 16 miles at the I25 near the Expo Center and La Quinta Hotel. The best rib eye steak I have ever had. We hit this place once every trip. worth the drive.

    Buffalo Wild Wings - a sports bar for Buffalo wings

    Little Italy - very good simple Italian joint on Ft Hood road (195) south of the freeway (190).

    Mel's - in Copperas Cove (west of Ft Hood) hard to find but great burgers.

    Henderson family restaurant - Located in Killeen old town, down home cooking. Known for "the Pig" a super BLT sandwich also great Chicken fried steak when it is on "special" and hand breaded.

    Bostons Pizza, A chain, but pretty good Pizza

    1. Belton and Temple are very close to Killeen. I would have two recommendations: Pignetti's which has a nicer wine list for the area ( and Deadfish Grill, which is on Lake Belton.

      1. Thanks jimdod and vstock, these are great recs! I think he may be staying on 195 so I'm going to recommend Little Italy for tonight, that should cheer him up. Thanks so much, you've made my day, and probably his!

        1. I've heard that Killeen has a Hawaiin restaraunt that is pretty authentic (as per a Hawaiin friend of mine). I haven't tried it out, but its on my list of places to go next time I'm in the area. C&H Hawaiian Grill

          1. I'll add that anytime you get near to a US military base, you will find excellent small Asian restaurants. Many US service men marry while stationed overseas in places like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc., and when they get back to the US, they open small markets and restaurants. Oftentimes they are kind of difficult to find as they frequently don't advertise much, but they are always worth searching out.

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              We've been here for four months and I confess we have not had great luck with non-chains near Post (we typically drive down to Austin to eat anywhere other than Chipotle or Whataburger). However, we recently went to Petty's BBQ off of Fort Hood Street and it blew us away. Beef, pork, sides, it's all fantastic. I will say that this place is more for those who will appreciate the meat itself, although their sauce was also very good.