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Dec 2, 2009 05:58 AM

Fans of Prince Pizza in Saugus UNITE !!!

I have seen several posts recently bashing Prince Pizza as awful, nasty, disgusting etc. and felt I had to rebut. We LOVE Prince Pizza and have for a very long time. Their crust is what makes it unique and different. Obviously taste is subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion , but their pizza is way better than MANY places I've tried. Is it the best? No. But for me it's very good in it's own unique way. A margarita with mushrooms and sausage and a pitcher of Sam Adams for me please !!!

Prince pizza fans, show your support !!! :-)

(Thanks, I feel better now)

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  1. Well I won't state my opinion since that's not what your thread is about and i've already shared it elsewhere, but I have to ask a question, and I mean this sincerely so please take this in the spirit of honest curiosity, because I really want to understand the love of Prince Pizza:

    1) did you grow up around here? And if so, did you frequent the place when you were growing up?

    2) are you a fan of Kowloon as well?

    I'm not implying there's a right or wrong answer, but it does seem that the people I know who grew up here and love Kowloon also love Prince. I'm wondering if that's a firm correlation or if it's just the people I've run across.

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    1. re: Chris VR


      1) I grew up in Danvers and have lived in Saugus for 19 years now. I HAVE been eating at Prince ever since I can remember.

      2) I also like (not love) Kowloon. Eating there is always fun and I know the food is what it is but there are a few "go to" dishes that are always good. (FWIW I also like (not love) The Hilltop for a steak every once in a while and they also have pretty good prime rib and burgers too.)

      I have talked about 3 restaurants here that are usually bashed pretty hard around here but It doesn't matter what anyone thinks. If I like it, thats all that matters.
      I also never understood movie reviews. I have loved some movies that were panned and hated some that were hailed as outstanding by some faceless so called "expert". It's all about individual taste. Movies or food, same thing. To each his own. Thanks. :-)

      1. re: hhookk

        I think Kowloon is really fun for atmosphere, and the food is actually not that bad for what it is. They certainly have a lot of turnover.

        However, if I had to correlate Prince's pizza with a movie, I'd have to go with "Patch Adams." No, wait - I don't want to burn all traces of Prince's pizza.

        1. re: hhookk

          Thanks for the answer, which kind of synchs up with what I've found- people who have grown up in this area do seem to like Prince. Maybe that's because nostalgia adds extra spice, or because the tastes you encounter when you're younger have a strong influence on your likes and dislikes when you're older, or just because it just tastes good to some. people. As you say, they must be doing something right, because the parking lot is packed.

          Kowloon seems to also occupy the same almost mythical status in the taste buds of people who grew up here, I suspect for the same reasons. I have noticed that transplants like me don't tend to like Prince and Kowloon's food as much as people who grew up here (although I certainly can appreciate the kitchsy Kowloon decor and the late night hours).

          I think we're deluding ourselves if we can say there are any absolutes when it comes to food because taste is so subjective. But it can be lonely to be a nay-sayer on these boards, so I'm glad you've found like-minded souls!

          1. re: hhookk

            I have grown up here and find the pizza to be average. It has been fun to attend graduation and birthday parties there. I also enjoyed my last meal at Kowloon but that was in 1969. I've had no desire to return. No dissrespect to Eddie Andleman.

        2. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a huge fan of Prince Pizzeria. My favorite pizza is one that I have been getting there since I was a little kid, and isn't even on the menu. It's the margherita pizza, which is a bit heavy on the oregano, has a nice mix of cheeses, and has a crisp, slightly greasy crust that I've always found to be tastier than most.

          There. I've said it. Let the flame wars begin (bring it!). :-D

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Prince is the definition of a classic because it is still run by the same family that ran it 30 years ago (Steve Castroberti), the food is the same, and the decor is the same.

            Why is it so popular? Because it is fun for the family (kids can be kids there) and the food is reliable.

            I agree with HB's description of the pizza - it's basically a cross between Greek style & neighborhood-house-of-pizza-style pies. It suits my pallette just fine.

            Is it the 'best' pizza in the area. Nope, and I doubt anybody would argue otherwise. But "awful," "nasty" and "disgusting"? Not IMHO. Honestly, that's just silly.

            1. re: Bob MacAdoo

              I'm not sure why it's necessary for you to describe opinions you don't agree with as "silly".

              1. re: Chris VR

                Chris, I respect your opinions very much. You are a reliable source of information and perspective on the 'near' North Shore (is that an accurate description of the Melrose/Wakefield/Reading/Saugus region?)

                What I find silly is the use of perjorative terms for a place like Prince. Certainly, everybody is entitled to say what they will about the place. I just find those terms, well, silly.

                1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                  Fair enough, and thanks for the nice words. Sorry for being cranky, I'm stuck with a stomach bug and two kids who won't let me be sick but that doesn't mean I need to get snippy.

                  I can honestly say that, pizza snob that I am, I'll eat just about any pizza when I am hungry enough and in a group of people that want to eat there. Prince's pizza is the only pizza I have ever left half eaten on my plate. I really have not had worse pizza around here. But that's just my perspective, one opinion only.

                  Hmm. I wish we did have a better name for our area (MelWaReSa? OK now THAT'S silly.)

              2. re: Bob MacAdoo

                Bob, Greek-style isn't too far off. It's kind of unique in a way, though, as it is tough to categorize.

                I actually was mentioned on the Phantom Gourmet awhile back for doing my best Man v. Food imitation at Prince. I had 11 slices of bacon pizza in a span of about 20 minutes there (and lived to tell about it). I'm not proud of this, mind you, but....actually I am kind of proud of it in a way. :-)

              3. re: hiddenboston

                Margherita pizza rocks !!! You have to be "in the know" to order one since, as you noted, it's not on the menu. Nice to know there are other fans of Prince here :-)

              4. prince makes a damn fine wheel & has been for years, little over priced, IMO.
                & for the "loons" you only eat that food after about 5 fog cutters.

                1. I'm not from around here and don't get the devotion to Prince Pizza. But I'm originally from Texas, where Pizza Hut is the standard, so have no pizza palate to speak of.

                  Prince isn't great and it isn't terrible. But there seems to be a nostalgia about it that never goes away, which I think is a very nice thing.

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                  1. re: MenuPorn

                    MP, that 2nd graf about sums it up.

                  2. I am a fan of their pizza too, and love their all-you-can eat pizza lunch buffet for $5.

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                    1. re: RichardA

                      personally I find thier pizza bordering on inedible. Went to the $5 all you can eat buffet and ate about fifty cents worth

                      1. re: bluesjack

                        Sometimes the buffet pizza sits around for a while. If you go again order your own pie. Theres nothing better than one fresh out of the oven so hot you can't even look at it.

                      2. re: RichardA

                        I KNEW there were Prince fans around here somewhere !!! They must be doing something right. The parking lot is usually full and they've been in business forever :-)