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Dec 2, 2009 04:51 AM

Local Knowledge update pls: Charleston and Kiawah

Of to the Kiawah 1/2 marathon next weekend, I'm planning on G&M Thurs lunch, Hucks Lowcountry TAble on Thurs eve, Cru Cafe Fri lunch, Al Di La Fri dinner, Fig Sat night , and Fat Hen sunday morning.

Questions are: have any of those gone downhill in the last year? I've never been to G&M, what should I get? Have any other Sunday brunch places popped up that we should try instead of Fat Hen? On the Kiawah side of Chas if possible, we will be on our way home to G'ville from Kiawah via I26 so I don't want to make a huge detour.

Any new foodie stuff in the King street area I need to know about while we're shopping? TIA.

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  1. Hi Danna! When you say G&M do you mean the little place on Broad? I'm only asking because I always refer to it as Fast and French, and I want to make sure we are talking about the same place. If so, let me tell you a little about it because I think you can do better. It is first come first serve community dining. I think it's great for a quick snack or coffee, they french press to order, but it can be very busy during peak lunch times. It's good but not great, but it would work for a light lunch.

    I think the rest sounds like a wonderful weekend of eating. I think Fat Hen is probably your best bet for brunch, and I'm not familiar enough with Johns Island to offer another suggestion. As for King St, there are a couple of new places on Upper King, but they have all opened very recently so they might need some more time before giving them a try.

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      Hi Lizzy! Yeah, fast and french. I think light lunch is exactly what we'll be after, so as not to ruin dinner and also to leave room for other snacks...and I love a french press, thanks for the heads-up on that. Also, my friend who is hosting us at her IOP beach house has made the selection and I very much want her to be happy ;-)

    2. Lucky you!! Several years ago, my husband and I used the Kiawah course when training for our Disney marathon. Nothing like a long run at to the Ocean Course.

      Sunday Brunch: Three Birds Cafe ( in Windemere might be another option. It's too bad Red Sky on Seabrook is no longer serving brunch--the best shrimp and grits ever!

      Don't overlook the new pizza place in Freshfields as your carb dinner. La Tela pizzeria replaced Pizzeria Venti. My neighbors' advice, get there early. Here's a write up from City Paper:

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        wow, both of those look like good options. I'm already reserved for most of us at Al Di La, but one of my friends just wanted to go straight to Kiawah and I think the La Tela idea might be perfect for her. thanks!