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Dec 2, 2009 04:12 AM

How to make a NYC bachelor party special?

We have an eclectic group - the groom is in his 50s and the groomsmen will include contemporaries of his (40s) and his two sons (mid-20s). The older set is Wall Street, one of his sons just graduated college ROTC and is a Marine headed overseas. Party group is 10-15. I thought of all the usual steakhouse ideas (Strip House, Keens, Dylan Prime, Wolfgang's, Quality Meats). But, the dilemna, appears to be this: how to make it special (given that many of us have had this experience many times, including the groom). If we chose a good steakhouse (say, Strip House or Quality Meats) with a little vibe, any ideas for good and cool and interesting drinks or things to do before and/or after (besides the obvious kind of x-factor)? Or any non-steakhouse ideas that would be good dinner venues? Other threads - which seemed older - mentioned Buddakhan. Maybe a cool/hip vibe with a crowd might work? The groom is a really good guy - it would be nice to celebrate him with a thoughtful event, not just the typical. Thanks

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  1. How about after dinner drinks at a spot like Brandy Library, if he likes whiskey, scotch, etc?

    Or going to a cigar bar like Hudson Bar and Books?

    1. I agree with Kathryn. My boyfriend had a similar dilemma - his buddy wanted his bachelor party in NYC, and not as much for the x-factor as the food & a bit of old-school glamour.

      Not sure if you're staying overnight, but they got rooms at the Ritz, had a drink in the bar there, went to Keens, a cigar bar, then part peeled off and part continued on.

      Buddakhan's good but I don't know that I see a group of guys really loving that up. Perhaps Spice Market? They have rooms downstairs that are a bit more private but still give the cool vibe. You'd be downtown then and could head to the Brandy Library.

      1. i'd definitely go first to McSorley's for a beer. If ever there was a guy's bar, that's it - and there is great history there... the wishbones, houdini's handcuffs...

        1. If you're going to be around mid-town east - then drinks before dinner at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central (google it - the URL is too long for here). Then how about 21 Club for dinner? And a jazz club after.

          1. There happens to be some excellent steakhouses poping up in gentlemens clubs these days. You can control the amount of entertainment very easily in these establishments. The food is on a completely different floor than the talent.
            No guy want to go to a jazz club for his bachelor party no matter how old he is. Most importantly is this crowd is of the "been there done that" mentality regarding traditional bachelor parties then how about showing some respect for his son going overseas and make the night about him,
            Check out Prime 333 on top of the Sapphire Club or Roberts Steak House on top of the Penthouse Club. Both serve great steak house food.

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              Been to Roberts for a bachelor party, 4 guys for dinner. Was very fun and the food was solid. Plus, you get the "obvious x-factor" in between courses to start the night, so from there you can do a lot of different things.