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Dec 2, 2009 04:02 AM

Yummy lunch in or near Vatican

We're finalizing a trip to Italy in May 2010. We've booked in (confirmed) for a Scavi tour at St. Peter's early on one day (to about 11) and for a Vatican Museums tour in the mid-afternoon. We'd love suggestions for a place to eat lunch - simple, delicious, inexpensive - a deli would be fine, for example. Picnic fixings or sit down is fine ... just looking for a fun experience!

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  1. For picnic fixings, if you want to pay premium prices, you can go to one of the three delicatessens in the area that are among the best-known in Rome: Castroni and Franchi on Via Cola di Rienzo and La Tradizione on Via Cipro. Or you can go to the huge new Trionfale covered market on Via Andrea Doria. Or you can go where most Romans who live in the area probably go: the Standa supermarket on Via Cola di Rienzo.

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      two places we've had good lunches in the past, in the Prati neighborhood over by the Vatican Museum are Osteria del l'Angelo (Roman Food, a slowfood rec, I think they offer a fixed price lunch) and La Isola del Pizza (pizza and more).

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        Quick note on the Standa supermarket - relatively convienient but remember, the supermarket is downstairs. The main store you see from the street is a department store. I felt like a complete dummy walking by the store 4 times while I was there last week.

        Good Luck - I would go for a porketta sandwich at the Trionfale Market - yum!

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          personally, I would want to find a place to sit down for an hour, in the middle of a day standing on marble floors. A day at the Vatican can be tiring (tho the porchetta idea sounds good!)

      2. Sor'eva, in the Piazza della Rovere 108. I thoroughly enjoyed my meals there while staying in the hotel Rovere just around the corner some years ago. In Sept 2008, the L.A. Times wrote:

        "Touristy restaurants and cafes line Borgo Pio from the Vatican east to the Tiber River, but the area is not known for cuisine. One exception is Sor'Eva, 108 Piazza della Rovere, 68-75-797, a small, no-nonsense trattoria with terrific pasta and other Roman specialties; two courses, about $30."

        It's less than a 10 minute walk from st. peter's. Here's a map showing Piazza della Rovere

        1. Time permitting, I'll try to post Downie's recommendation for the Vatican area and the proximity. My experience has been that the Vatican area is a gastronomic wasteland. But I might be wrong. I'm planning a stay at Hotel Sant'Anna in the Borgo Pio, because of its easy access to San Pietro, so I'm grateful to those who have made or who will make recommendations for this area.

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            Thanks so much for your replies - would be great to see Downie's recommendation, too. We're going to be having a day in the area, but are staying elsewhere in Rome...these suggestions will help us make efficient use of our time and yummy food always provides the energy needed for sightseeing (or makes me want to nap, but I will save the napping for home!).

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              Good place for lunch in the area of Vatican Museum is Giarrosta Dal Toscano, about 10-minute walk from the museum. Address is Via Germainico 56, just off Via Ottaviano). Just lunched there last week: had bombolottti Julio Cesare (shell-like pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms and prosciutto) and wife had tagliatelle con cinghiale (long pasta strips with boar sauce - great taste). The place opns for lunch at 12:30 PM, but the Romans don't arrive until 1:15 or later. Moderately priced, try it with a 1/2 liter of their house wine (white or red). We have never been disappointed and have eaten there on 5 different visits.