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Dec 1, 2009 09:11 PM

hon-mirin, where can I buy?

Besides flying to the closest mitsuwa in Chicago, where can I get me some hon-mirin? I will try calling Ozawa tomorrow but I seriously don't think it's a good idea for me to buy 18L of mirin at once.

For clarity, hon-mirin is real mirin w/ alcohol. The stuff we get in markets have barely any in it, less than 1% to 0.

I run into the same problem w/ chinese cooking wine, but that's solved by visiting Chinatown and doing the cough cough wink wink.

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  1. Did you ever find this locally?

    1. The big Korean supermarket in Koreatown on the south side of Bloor stocks more than one brand of the real thing. Sorry, I forget the name of the market, but it's hard to miss.

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      1. re: munchieHK

        Probably you're thinking of P.A.T.
        You can also get 1.50 chicken carcasses for soup there. 3 per package!

        --- -- food. is. love.

        1. re: jlunar

          Yep. That's the place, thanks. Great store.

          1. re: munchieHK

            Hmmmm, out of all the brands there I have never found true Hon Mirin. Let me know if anyone picks some up.

            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              I don't think the other people understand what hon-mirin is. Yes you can find mirin, but it's not "hon" (ie. true). You're looking for 14% alcohol content. I haven't seen any at PAT or Galleria, etc...

              Generally the closest you'll find is Kikkoman aji-mirin, which is not the real deal but it's at about 8% alcohol.


              Ozawa and Yamasho both have hon-mirin but in 18L containers.

              I've found Kikkoman 11% mirin only at Foodymart. Comes in a 1L bottle, I'll take a pic of it tomorrow, it's at work.

              1. re: aser

                I've never seen hon mirin sold here in household-sized bottles, just aji and even that can be tricky. Wonder why the LCBO radar hasn't picked it up yet???

                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                    No mention of alcohol content on this product. Suspect it's shin mirin, widely available here. 11% stuff aser found is probably tops.

                  2. re: aser


                    not sure why it was deleted but this is what I purchased from Foodymart. The english labeling says 12% but the Japanese labelling says 14.5%. By far the most legit I've found.

                    1. re: aser

                      Hmm, I think the label in the picture says cooking sake, not mirin. Is that the right link?

                      1. re: wciu

                        You know what, you might be right.

                        I'm not Japanese for the record, so I muffed that one up.

          2. try J-Town? (On Steeles, right across from Good Life fitness, between Woodbine Ave. and Victoria-park Ave.)

            I guess you have to use aji-mirin instead.

            I wonder how big the difference would be. (may be if we can find like 6 people together to share the 18L?)

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            1. re: canchi

              J-town doesn't have it. No idea how different it is, but that just make me want to try it more. :p

              I wouldn't mind sharing a bottle, let me know if we get 6 :)