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Dec 1, 2009 07:48 PM

LA Speakeasy

I was in San Francisco, all set to go to Bourbon and Branch ,and then all the plans changed. Can someone tell me if there is an LA version of the new speakeasy style, with the pass words and the knock 3 times and whisper low? I hear that Mark Peel is opening the Tar Pit, but is something open now? Thanks for any tips, jej

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  1. The Varnish, in the back of Cole's downtown. Go to Coles. Go to the door in the back with a picture of a cocktail glass on it. Open it. Inside is a great bar. 118 E Sixth St.

    1. BHA is right on with the Varnish rec. Unlike B&B they do not take reservations but they make the best drinks I have had in LA.

      For speak-easy set-up, the Roger Room on La Cienega is a good spot too.

      BTW - the Tar Pit will not be a speakeasy.

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      1. I love the drinks at both Roger Room and The Varnish, but keep in mind they're not like B&B with reservation and password, it's just the "speakeasy feel". Which all means that if you go on the weekend, expect a room full of hipsters packed like sardines and a long long wait.
        On the weeknights though, it's awesome.