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Dec 1, 2009 06:55 PM

Red Espresso to hit New York yet?

Hello fellow chowhounds, foodies, and New Yorkers.

Does anyone know if Red Espresso has hit New York yet? For those of you unaware of what red espresso is, its rooibos (red) tea that is brewed and flavors extracted just like espresso.

I'm interested to try it done by someone passionate about both tea and espresso. I though where else but New York?

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  1. Hey! red espresso has not quite hit the Big Apple just yet - but there are a few places where you can try it and buy it... If you're in the Union Square area, pop into News Bar on University Place or Soy Luck Club in Greenwich Village - or you can buy a pack from Whole Foods. Further uptown, there's an awesome Italian place called Campo ( where Chef Dave (who personally knows the inventor!) can give you a run down on red espresso. The address is 2888 Broadway. Let us know what you think!!!

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      Hi! Thanks for the information. Are any of these people preparing it, or just selling the tea?

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        i bought a bag at porto rico on bleecker.