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Dec 1, 2009 06:38 PM

Harlem Underground now open

on Queen and Palmerston. Anyone been? I've walked by at night a couple times and seen it 95% empty but the menu posted on the door looks amazing.... just curious if the actual food measures up.

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  1. I was there just last night.
    The ceilings were redone and they opened up the space a bit in the front but otherwise it's pretty much the same as Irie. I'm pretty sure the cooks are the same.
    We ordered the fried chicken with rice and beans, the pork rib appetizer and a side of collard greens. Originally I had wanted the beef ribs posted as an entree outside but the server said since they were only 2 days old, they only had the regular menu and not the dishes on the 2 other sheets posted outside...
    As with Irie and Harlem, the portions are generous. The fried chicken was good and juicy. The outside has what looks like cornmeal crumbs and there's a sweetish sauce on it. The batter wasn't too thick. The rice and beans which i did not try come separate on a plate. I suppose if you wanted rice and peas that are mixed you'd roder the dirty rice. The rib appetizer was 4 large pork ribs w/ a fruity bbq sauce. I thought they were tasty, not at all smoky but good enough. The collards were actually spinach and some squash in a curry sauce. It was a large enough portion to be a main with rice. The spinach was not overcooked but I recently made a very similar curry at home so we didn't eat this one and there was more than enough food.
    Overall, I probably wouldn't choose to go back as the food was merely ok. Nothing came out hot and everything could have used a bit more salt and spicing.

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