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Dec 1, 2009 06:08 PM

lunch near or on Flatbush between Myrtle and Tillary

We'll be out there Wednesday picking up a Fire Dept. report from 9 Metro Tech Center - should we have lunch there or travel back to Manhattan for lunch? Most interested in tasty, cheap, one-of-a-kind places that we can't find in Manhattan, thanks much!

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  1. If you've never been to Junior's, that can be kind of fun and novel.... otherwise that area is kind of tough for good food. There are definitely places in the vicinity, but the area immediately around headquarters is pretty much quick take out and chains.

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      Look for a recent Metro-Tech thread. If you have a little while, you can either walk over to DeKalb for southern cooking at Ruthie's or to Atlantic Avenue/Court Street for Yemeni/Middle Eastern food. Or, if you are feeling energetic, walk the Manhattan Bridge to Chinatown (pedestrian entrance from Gold Street) should take less than 1/2 hr from Metrotech) and have a dim sum lunch.

    2. Thanks chorosch and jen kalb! I didn't see your great suggestions until we had already eaten lunch at Veselka after traveling out to Brooklyn, but I appreciate your responses!