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Dec 1, 2009 05:59 PM

YouTube: Cooking with Dog

I read the post about Depression era cooking and it reminded me of another channel I enjoy as well. Cooking with Dog focuses mainly on Japanese cooking. It's hilarious when they have an outtake at the end and the dog is adorable!

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  1. I've liked this show for a while. It's a surprisingly decent resource for Japanese home cooking.

    I second the recommendation to anyone who hasn't seen it and is interested in Japanese food.

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    1. re: cowboyardee

      I like this show very much too. I stumbled on it a while ago and am hooked. I've tried several recipes and they have been great. I'm looking forward to their next show...which I believe is nikuman - yum! Glad to see others have discovered it too.

      1. re: BigSal

        I love gyoza and I'll have to try making them now.

    2. The dog looks pretty bored

      Jfood's favorite line is "using vinegar water will protect the hands from germs" yet there is a dog sitting on the counter

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        1. re: jfood

          And fortunately they are cooking just for themselves and not for guests :D And hopefully the dog gets a tidbit! He's the host, after all.

        2. This is just too adorable (and the cooking demonstrations are great)!

          1. Since we're on the topic of cooking with dogs...


            Skits like this ensures Sesame Street remains an amazing show.

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