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Dec 1, 2009 05:46 PM

hot chocolate MIX

I want to make a hot chocolate mix for a Xmas gift, any ideas for powdered versions that are really special? maybe something other than just a *plain* hot chocolate.

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  1. Use a much superior cocoa than say, Hershey's.
    Vanilla powder
    Ancho (or hotter) chile powder
    Possibly a "sampler" of different mixes for the gift?

    1. I like Ghiradelli's personally...
      and how about mint, mocha, cardamom, ginger, black and white (white chocolate), orange, lavender and if you're feeling adventurous coconut curry maybe?

      I like the idea of a sampler too!

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        1. re: Yes Please

          mm i like these ideas. when you say adding mint and or white chocolate or orange, what are you adding? Do these come in powder format?
          And how much do you think I should add?