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Dec 1, 2009 05:22 PM

Rice sauce?


I have tried to like rice but I just can't get into it, it feels just bland or maybe it's just the texture of it, I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's the type of rice? Seems I'm the only one who doesn't like rice.

I was wondering if anyone has any recipes for sauces I could mix into it or something to make it hopefully good. I'm not really into the soya-type, I did try some the other day with a kind of spicy-hot sauce and it wasn't too bad.


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  1. There are so many varieties of rice that it's difficult for me to understand why you can't find one that you like. I wonder if you're adding salt to the water when you cook it.
    First, select a long grain rice. If you can't find that, use a medium grain rice but stay away from short grain rice unless you're making something sticky. I'd suggest trying a Basmati rice. I never met anyone who didn't like that variety.
    As for sauces. I wouldn't use a sauce on Basmati rice but, for other varieties that may seem bland to you, sauces that are tomato based are always good; fresh herbs in melted butter (with a bit of dry white wine) or even a cheese sauce can liven it up a bit.
    You can also cook rice in chicken stock, vegetable stock, beef stock, etc. to add flavor to your serving.

    1. To me a boiled or baked potato is bland like rice must be for you. French fried, hash browns or mashed potatoes with gravy hit the mark.

      Rice pudding?
      Bacon fried rice?
      Sometimes simply eating it with butter is good to me.

      1. I second the Basmati rice as well as Jasmine rice; both of these are so delicate in flavor, you really don't need to cover it up with a sauce...

        Something else to try is a parboiled rice; think Uncle cooks well and doesn't stick together like regular long grained rices and has a flavor all it's own. Also, you can enhance the flavor of your rice by toasting the rice over low heat in a little oil first before adding your liquid. You can cook the rice in stock, broth, vegetable/fruit juices, coconut milk, etc instead of water which will add flavor. Lastly, don't forget that flavorful herbs can be cooked with the rice.

        There are a ton of sauce recipes online you can find but in my house, the one thing that can't be topped for regular rice is a gravy or au jus

        1. Do you not like plain rice? What about adding some veggies to it? Is fried rice okay? Do you eat rice by itself or as a side or both? Some entrees come with a sauce that when plated together will flavor the rice, like a chicken picatta sauce or a beurre blanc sauce. Or try cooking the rice with broth like another poster mentioned and add some onions, herbs or both.

          1. Thanks for the replies, I'll definitely try some of those ideas.

            todao : I'm very very difficult when it comes to food, especially vegetables. I tried to love them but I just don't like most of them =(