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Dec 1, 2009 04:37 PM

Help with pork roast

Hi... would appreciate any advice... I purchased this pork roast from Fresh Direct:

Unfortunately I'm relatively inexperienced with pork roasts (and cooking in general, to be honest) and have to figure out what to do with it, for a dinner this evening for a friend flying in late.

I initially covered half of it with a garlic type paste that I made, but not the fat side because a) I didn't have enough and b) I can't imagine anything permeating the fat to affect the flavor of the meat.

So now it's half covered in garlic paste. Won't this burn in the oven? In looking online, I can't really figure out what type of cut this is.... not a tenderloin, right? Should I cut off the fat? Should I should sear it in a pan, then roast it? Should i wipe off all this garlic ridiculousness? Should I cook it on a high heat in the oven, then lower the temperature, or slow roast the whole thing? It's only about 2.15 pounds.

Help much appreciated!

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  1. Unfortunately your link didn't show the roast. And if you're fixing dinner tonight, then hopefully you got help somewhere else. Sorry.

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      You have to plug in an NYC zip code before it'll show you the roast.

    2. Welcome to Chowhound!

      Not sure what a "medallion roast" is. Based on the picture it's definitely not a tenderloin, but Fresh Direct's website rates the tenderness as being in the same ballpark, so you're on the right track with dry heat cooking methods.

      The garlic paste will definitely burn if you cook the roast too hot. But it'll add flavor, and at medium-low to medium heat, you should be fine. I'd just put it fat-side-up on a rack in a very shallow pan and pop it in a 325F oven until the middle hits 140F. Simple is good.


        Posters might be able to see this w/o a NY zipcode (which I have).

        I'm not familiar with the cut. I would not cut off the fat. I like the idea of searing it first, and then putting it in the oven. Maybe you could then put the garlic stuff back on, and roast at 350 degrees?

        Good luck!

        1. Well, if you've got to cook it tonight, I'm probably too late to help you But I might have suggested just scraping the garlic off, combining it with some vinegar, salt and oregano then rubbing that mixture onto the roast (which I assume if pork butt) and slow roast it in the oven.

          1. Thanks for the help! I ended up scraping off the garlic paste, searing it on the stove, then roasting it at 325 until 140 degrees... turned out a bit pink and very juicy. made a quick pan sauce with the drippings, and added back in some of the garlic. i'll see how the leftovers are this evening...