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Dec 1, 2009 04:02 PM

Budget Restaurant Recs in Paris?

I'm new to Chowhound and I'm wondering if any decently-priced, yet delicious restaurants exist in Paris? :) I am going for a short trip next week and am looking for "good value for money" type restaurants... My budget is about 20 Euros per person or less. I don't care so much about ambience, more about food.

In particular, I'm looking for recommendations in Neuilly, or Montparnasse/St Germain/Latin Quarter, but anywhere is OK since we will be walking all over the city during the day.

Also, if anyone has a great "hole-in-the-wall" recommendation for a good Vietnamese restaurant (Pho) or Thai restaurant??

Or, if there is just a great overall restaurant that you can recommend (I can splurge one night for 30 Euros, ha ha ha).

Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions!

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  1. Well, for one, Pho 14, on av. De CHoisy, fits your bill. Some good bistrots have under 20€ lunch menus (eg Chateaubriand, Christophe, Pré Verre) but dinner will be trickier. Au Dernier Métro, bd de Sufffren, works too, is great. If I had to budget for dinner, I would focus on Asian -- but then again, I live here. If I wanted to enjoy the best the city has to offer at that budget, I would not eat out but focus on good bakeries and food shops (see my maps of bakeries and shops on the left-hand side of my blog at

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      20 euro/person is not a "decently priced" budget but a dirt cheap budget. I can't think of a good French restaurant in Paris that fits that budget.
      If it were the summer, I would recommend getting a chicken from a good market rôtisserie stand and picnic.
      Actually this may be a solution: have one non-restaurant meal (cooked dishes from a market stand or from a good traiteur; ask the store to heat it (réchauffer) for you). With the money you save, add it to your restaurant budget. Even then there are not many restaurants that fit your newly "subsidized" budget. I second Pré Verre.
      I also second Pho 14 big time.
      If everyday you can alternate this traiteur-meal with a restaurant meal , maybe you can keep your budget around the 20 euro/person without exceeding it too much.

    2. That's (as noted by my confreres) really rock bottom.
      I have eaten at three places this Fall that provide 3 courses under 26 E (without wine or coffee) and there are many places that have a plat du jour for under 20 E.
      How about La Fourchette du Printemps (18€ plat + 1/2 water and 26€ Entrée+plat+ dessert), Aux Provinces (18€ 2 courses I recall + 24€ Entrée+plat+ dessert) and Charbon Rouge (23.50 Entrée+plat+ dessert).
      All of these I rated over 5.8/10 in John Talbott's Paris.
      If you do some digging I'm sure you can find more.

      John Talbott

      1. I ate well and inexpensively this past October at "Au Gout Dujour". There is a 3 course lunch for €20:

        1. Nothing better to add than the other posters have said, but if it was me, I'd go to Chartier and drink a couple bottles of wine with friends instead of eat. They had a nice Pineau d'Aunis for 8 euros when I was there last. Who ever drinks that?

          Oh wait, and there's always the As de Felafel...

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          1. re: Busk

            Wait a minute; that changes the rules.
            Sure, get a good bottleof and some cheese and 20 E is easy.

          2. Le Petit Vatel is a hole in the wall that has been recommended for decades. I first heard about it from Belgian Jack on and it was last recommended to us this year by a somewhat discerning deskclerk at our hotel. We've never tried it, so for what it's worth:

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              My family and I just went to Le Petit Vatel for lunch (July 8th, 2010). It was great. Delicious panna cotta. The menu was 15E for 2 courses or 18 for 3. No drinks included. No wait when we there there around 1 on a weekday afternoon. It had a very nice atmosphere and felt leagues away from the crowded touristy seeming corner brasseries. What's more is that there seemed to be way more options on the formulae than other restaurants- 6 starters, 4 entree and 6 desserts.