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Dec 1, 2009 03:57 PM

great places to eat on I-40 between Memphis and Albequerque?

I'm going to be driving along I-40 between Memphis and Albequerque. Anyone know of lunch/dinner/snack places that should not be missed on that route? Don't want to drive more than half an hour off the interstate.

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  1. FYI - you might also want to post this on the Texas and Southwest boards, perhaps with appropriate geographic parameters.

    1. i'm in okc and charmed by how the food scene is putting forth its best effort these days. it surely wasn't the case 25 years ago. a little more info would help. what are you looking for? regional? best of? vietnamese? ... ?

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          in okc:

          iron starr urban barbecue
          cheevers or paseo grill (both a bit upscale)
          nic's grill (featured on diners drive-ins and dives)
          ann's chicken-fry house
          cattlemen's cafe (throw-back to earlier time. a little funky. in the stockyard area.)

          broome's fried pies
          pop's (features 500+ differerent sodas. food is so-so to okay but the soda selection is worth the stop to fill your cooler.)

          eischen's bar (best fried chicken)

          all these are well-described on urbanspoon if you want more info for planning.

          if you have the time, it would be worthwhile to drive this area on route 66 for a retro americana experience.

      1. Mitchell’s Family Restaurant in Shamrock, Texas; complete with traditional southern dishes, plus a selection of Tex Mex. They even have chicken fried bacon on the menu. Granted, I haven't been to this place in over 15 years and it will never get four stars, but I remember the food being very decent and it is conveniently located right off I-40.

        Old German—Choctaw, Ok Exit, 29th St. a few miles off I-40
        The Hungry Traveler—Henryetta, Ok, south side of I-40; country food and great pies
        Corn Dance Café—Shawnee, Oklahoma; Native American Food
        Van’s Pig Stand—Shawnee, Oklahoma
        Bill’s BBQ—Newalla, Oklahoma
        Stan’s Smoked Meats Shop and Restaurant—El Reno, Ok
        Craig’s BBQ and across the street the Family Pie Shop—DeVall’s Bluff, AR (a little out of the way)
        Big Texan Steakhouse—Amarillo, Texas; eat a 72 ounce steak in under an hour and it is free
        Bricktown Area of Oklahoma City--right off the interstate with several good restaurants
        Cattleman’s in Oklahoma City—if you like stake
        Wiederkehr's Weinkeller Restaurant—German food just east of Ozark, AR
        Mr. Mason’s Pit BBQ—Little Rock, AR
        Cajun’s Wharf in Little Rock, AR—seafood and other unusual but tasty dishes, live music and a deck overlooking the Arkansas River
        Pasta House—Yummy Italian in Conway, AR
        Earl’s Restaurant—Gallup, NM, family atmosphere, good burgers and breakfast
        Grandpa’s Grill—Gallup, NM, good burgers
        Genaro’s Café—Gallup, NM, said to have really great salsa
        Rocket Café—Gallup, NM, good if you have any vegetarians among you
        Angela Café Con Leche—Gallup, NM
        Big Cheese Pizza—Gallup, NM
        La Ventana Steak House—Grants, NM
        El Cafecito—Grants, NM, simple but very tasty Mexican food, exceptional service, hang out for local politicians
        Badlands Burgers—Grants, NM, awarded top honors in the Governor's Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge at the New Mexico State Fair
        Estella’s Café—Las Vegas, NM (a little out of the way)
        El Rialto Restaurant & Lounge—Las Vegas, NM (again, a little out of the way)

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        1. re: Khotso98

          Ditto the Craigs in DeVall's Bluff AR. Well known stop written up on Road Food. Even still it's retained it's character and quality. Always heard the pies across the street are good but its always closed when we hit Craigs on the way to hunting camp.

        2. Gene's Barbecue and Family Restaurant @ 1107 N. Hwy. 17, Brinkley, AR. 870 - 734 - 9965. *

          Nick's Bar B Que @ Hwy. 13 N., Carlisle, AR. 870 - 552 - 3887.

          Al's BBQ @ 3956 O St. North, Ft. Smith, AR. 479 - 783 - 6986.

          Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ @ 2801 Old Greenwood Rd., Ft. Smith, AR. 479 - 649 - 7427. *

          Rivertowne BBQ @ 205 S. 3rd St., Ozark, AR. 479 - 667 - 1808. *

          Greg & Jim's Grocery @ Hwy 306, Colt, AR. 870 - 633 - 0541. *

          Pruett's Bar B Que @ 108 E. 8th St., Lonoke, AR. 501 - 676 - 2622.

          Whole Hog BBQ @ 4501 Burrough Rd., Ft. Smith, AR. 479 - 646 - 2227. *

          Rivertowne BBQ @ 205 S. 3rd St., Ozark, AR. 479 - 667 - 1808. *

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          1. re: Littleman

            How many of these have you personally tried?

            1. re: carolinadawg

              Every one of them. Why do you care. Are you going to Albequerque?

              1. re: Littleman

                Cool! What style of 'q are they? Are they ribs? Pulled pork? Chopped Pork? Brisket? What have you had at each of them?

                1. re: carolinadawg

                  Pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, chopped pork, chicken, catfish, nachos, onion rings, fried pickles, fish and barbecue, brisket, sliced, chopped, smoked sausage, cheeseburgers, BLT, fried green tomatoes, hot wings and lots more. When are you going to Albequerque?

          2. Don't miss Wild Horse Mountain Barbeque in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Exit on Hwy 59 South and it is about 2 miles down. A little hard to find. Standout is beef sandwich with hot sauce and the best beans I've ever had in a BBQ restaurant. Ribs are "country ribs" which may or may not be to your liking.