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Steak Dinner...Need Dessert Ideas

Having a small gathering of my husband's executive team. Most of the men are meat and potato eaters, so I'm making Filet Oscar w/ stuffed twice bakes and creamed spinach.
I haven't a clue about dessert, but would like it to make a nice impression.

Any suggestions?

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  1. maybe it is because I lived in NY for a while, but when I think steak, I think cheesecake. Alternatively, a really beautiful trifle could be impressive.

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      My first thought was cheesecake too. Second thought Creme Brulee'

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        I recently made the White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Almond Trifle from BA on epicurious. I made them in individual serving sizes in stemless martini glasses. Very pretty, can be made ahead, and my guests all seemed to enjoy them.

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          I really like the idea of individual servings and making ahead. REALLY LIKE.

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            That sounds extremely elegant and very fitting for a steak dinner. Nice idea to serve them in stemless martini glasses. Class in a glass!

          2. This is a recipe of my mother's that is, in consistency, between a brownie and fudge. It's insanely rich and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream I think it's the perfect finish to a meal like that. (I don't believe I'm breaking any copyright laws with this as I'm 62 and my mother made it forever.)


            6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate pieces
            ½ C butter
            1 C sugar
            2 eggs
            ½ C sifted plain flour
            ¼ t salt
            1 C coarsely chopped pecans or walnuts
            ½ t vanilla

            Melt chocolate pieces over hot water. Cream butter. Add sugar to butter gradually, cream well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each. Sift the flour and the salt; beat again. Mix in the nuts, melted chocolate and vanilla. Pour into greased 9” pie plate. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Cool. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream if desired.

            Note: I often make this in a square pan and cut up like brownies. Great to take to a party.

            1. Yum! Individual Chocolate Molten Cakes (not as hard as it sounds) or Cheese Cake

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                I second the notion of Chocolate Molten Cakes. When I've finished a steak dinner, the urge for something sweet and chocolaty is overwhelming.

              2. with such a rich dinner i would go for something to cut through the fat. it's a no-make, no-bake suggestion but i've had great success with putting out a platter of sliced oranges (make sure they're tart and juicy) and a variety of chocolate. i've done truffles and a broken bar of dark and one of milk. coffee and a cognac.

                1. If you're going old school, what about bread pudding with a vanilla-bourbon sauce?

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                    Another super-old school steak dinner dessert is cherries jubilee. All the old time steak houses have it as one of the favorites on their menu. The richness of the steak is cut by the cherries.

                  2. I love what alanbarnes said about bread pudding. That's definitely an "after-steak" type dessert.

                    My suggestion, if the diners are "meat and potato" types, as you said, is to finish the meal with a dessert that echoes the simplicity of the first courses: apple pie. A superb apple pie, with cheddar and ice cream passed, can be a thing of beauty.

                    After reading the posts of those who believe that chocolate is part of the ending of a steak dinner, I'm having second thoughts. Black Forest Cake, perhaps?

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                      I agree with the apple pie idea. simple and classic. chocolate mousse as an alternative, or if you want simple, classic and chocolate....chocolate cream pie.

                    2. Irish Car Bomb cake. I made this recently and brought it to work--both my friend (who doesn't even like chocolate cake) and my boss (both men) were B-A-N-A-N-A-S over how good this cake was. In fact, my friend said, I don't even usually like chocolate cake, but this is the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten. TRY IT!

                      1. Chocolate mousse, maybe? It can be done ahead and served in these chic, stemless martini glasses the other posters mentioned.

                        I agree that a steak dinner dessert should be rich and chocolate-y.

                        1. My first thought for men was chocolate, but then I read the other replies... I agree that cheesecake and bread pudding would be good as well. My first thought, though, was Molten Chocolate Cake.

                          1. How about chocolate pots de creme? You could do a really nice presentation with these and play around with adding flavors to the chocolate if you want as well.

                            1. my SO is exactly the guy you're describing here. a cheesecake w/a nice fruit compote sounds excellent but the chocolate sounds better to me.

                              a la mode (vanilla w/vanilla bean flecks):
                              burbon pecan pie (seasonal touch)

                              brooklyn black out cake: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/21709
                              peanut butter and fudge brownies with salted peanuts: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... (i might leave out the peanuts)

                              1. After a meal this rich and heavy, my husband (who isn't a big chocolate dessert eater) would probably pass on eating dessert, but would love a little port. Another idea (which you could do in addition to a big dessert) would be to have some chocolate covered strawberries. Anyone too full for a big dessert could have a bit of something sweet.

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                                    I made this cheesecake to go with a steak dinner. Its a crustless Italian cheesecake. Really easy and very good.

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                                      You're on a food porn run today, cookieluvntasha! ;) Rock on!

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                                        Oooh, crustless! Does it contain any flour in the recipe? I'd love to see how it's made.

                                    2. Thanks everyone for your fantastic suggestions! Gotta love the hounders!
                                      I'm leaning towards cheesecake, and the White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Almond Trifle.
                                      I think the chocolate covered strawberries will be present on the table no matter what I make for dessert. Everyone loves a chocolate covered strawberry!

                                      I'll keep you posted!

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                                        white chocolate and raspberry sounds delish but kinda girlie.

                                        ny style cheesecake is a classic steakhouse dessert. you can pass fruit compote and chocolate ganache with it.

                                        a platter of strawberries, sliced oranges, nuts and a few cookies will be nice if some are simply too full for a slice of cake.

                                      2. Julia Child's chocolate mousse is easy, you can make it ahead and it is incredibly good. It is very impressive if served in, say, wine glasses with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Here is the one I make, I did it twice over the holidays and everyone went crazy over it:


                                        1. I realize you've made your choices, but I'm in with a late vote for something like pears poached in red wine with a bit of whipped cream.

                                          1. Plum Duff with Rum Sauce. You can substitute raisins or apricots if prunes are unpopular in your household. You just have to rehydrate the raisins first.