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Dec 1, 2009 03:39 PM

Sunday PM food/grocery in 1eme (or 3eme) for couple traveling with baby

My husband and I will be arriving in Paris this Sunday afternoon on the Eurostar from London and are staying for 4 nights in an apartment near Les Halles, just off the Blvd. de Sebastopol and close to the Ile de la Cite.
We are planning to have a big lunch and then hope to eat in for dinner, when baby is in bed. I have researched some casual nearby restaurants open on Sundays in case our plans change, but would love to purchase some prepared dinner foods or pate, cheese, wine, etc. for our meal that evening and also stock up on some very basic groceries. I could bring food from London, but that seems like (bad) coals to Newcastle...
Would also like to know if there is a favorite patisserie nearby.
Any suggestions are most appreciated!

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  1. The streets that lead away from the Centre Pompidou east through the Marais should be open. The Rue Beaubourg side. Rue Rambuteau may have shops open. The Marais is your best bet.

    1. Most food shops are super-closed on sunday afternoons, but there are more and more supermarkets open on sunday all day, there's no doubt you'll find one -- at least by Métro Saint Paul. Also the jewish shops on rue des Rosiers will probably be open.

      1. Some of the food shops along rue de Bretagne should be open in the afternoon.

        1. If you don't mind walking about 1km, the G20 up Breguet near the Breguet Sabin metro is open until 20:00 on Sunday.