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Dec 1, 2009 03:29 PM

HELP Italian family restaurant Sheepshead Bay or surrounding area

Hi, Hope you can help me. We need an Italian restaurant for Sunday afternoon. We are a family of 14, ten adults, 4 children. We are looking for a place with good food, where we could sit without being rushed and moderate price. Doesn't have to be exactly in Sheepshead bay any surrounding area would be okay.
Thank you very much
Have a happy and healthy

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  1. Don't let the cheesy web site music turn you off. Solid food and huge bonus: A parking lot!

    1. Hi, I just went to my mother in laws 90th birthday party in sheepshead bay the resturant is IL Fornetto 2902 Emmons ave 718- 332-8494. The food was great and it is right on the water and has its own parking lot. If you go hope you enjoy it.

      1. Gargiulo's Restaurant in Coney Island, about 5-10 minute drive from Sheepshead Bay

        1. Haven't been in a while but Maria's on Emmons Ave, good old school Italian.

          1. thanks for your feedback. Is Michael's family style? Is it a little pricey?
            Thanks again!
            Have a happy and healthy