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Dec 1, 2009 03:20 PM

Pulque in or around DF

It sounds kinda weird and maybe disgusting but I wanna try the stuff?

Any good places for a glass in or around the pyramids, xochimilco, coyoacan, san angel, centro, or polanco?

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  1. Nick Gilman's book, Good Food In Mexico City has a short list of pulquerías. La Hortensia, at Plaza Garibaldi, is among the best known.

    Although I've tried pulque elsewhere on various occasions, I've not been to a pulquería in Mexico City. Each time, it's been distinctly different, ranging from vile, sour stuff to a light, yeasty light brew, to a delicious beverage "cured" with bright red prickly pear fruits. (The last, one time, in Huitzílac, Morelos.)

    1. La Risa in Centro was great. Young DF hipster crowd listening to the Beatles. It's on Mesones near 5 de Febrero, walking distance from the Zocalo.

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        Remember the kid there who got in trouble for mixing the pulque with a hidden flask of god knows what.

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          I like La Risa. There's another one a couple of doors down, so it's easy to get mixed up. If I'm not mistaken La Risa has the great artwork on the back wall and the bar on the right as you enter.

        2. I can't vouch for the accuracy of it, but someone has created a google map pinpointing the location of many pulquerias in the D.F.:

          My recommendation is that you stay away from the "trendy" types of pulquerias and seek-out the more traditional ones and visit only with someone who's been into the place(s) before because some of these places can be a bit 'rough and tumble' for someone unfamiliar with certain undersides of life in the big city.

          I'm not a fan of pulque, but I've been to a couple of pulquerias in Colonia Guerrero not far from the Buenavista rail station.

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            There are no 'trendy' pulquerías in that the ones that have become popular with young people recently ARE old tradtitional ones. Most small ones are, unfortunately, dismal dives. And there are only a handful still operating in central Mexico City. The writer who claims you will find "lots of pulquerías" anywhere, probebly hasn't been to the city in 20 years. I can only reccomend La Risa, Los Duelistas and La Hortensia. These are easy to locate so I don't include addresses. The google map above is dubious...

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                Three of us stopped in at Las Duelistas about a week and a half ago. It was fun, but *very* loud.
                Under the hallucinogenic murals, we tried some pulque de avenas, (ok), then some pulque con apio. (better). It was cheap. The fun part included sharing a table with other customers, who kindly helped initiate us us into pulque drinking. Thanks to El Chilango (Nick) for the tip on his blog.
                My blog here:

            1. Garibaldi Square has lots of pulquerias, it's famous for its mariachis and is a lot of fun.

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                My impression is probably the opposite, and instead of finding "lots of pulquerias" I think you'll find lots of places selling tequila. I agree, though, that Plaza Garibaldi can be lots of fun!