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Dec 1, 2009 03:09 PM

Nashville Recommendation Needed

I'm going to Nashville in a couple of weeks for my sister's graduation and I need a kid friendly restaurant (20 months and 26 months) that can accommodate a party of 12 in the West End area.

When I say kid friendly I don't mean Outback or Chuck E. Cheese, I want great food, I just don't want to bring my son to a bar or a hipster restaurant.

Thanks for the input.

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  1. Dinner/lunch? Day of the week? Likes/dislikes? Price range?

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    1. re: Cameraman

      Cameraman, it would be an early dinner, probably about 6:00 on a Saturday. We are wide open as far as likes/dislikes and price doesn't really matter

    2. I would browse the websites of the following:

      The Acorn
      Tin Angel
      Bricktops (a bit less fancy)
      Zola (a bit fancier)

      Over in Hillsboro Village, Sunset Grill is always a popular post-graduation dinner spot.

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      1. re: jamiecarroll

        Thanks Jamie. I've been to Zola and I think it's a great restaurant (probably my favorite in Nash), I just don't know what I'd feed a 2 year old there.

        I'll look in to The Acorn and Tin Angel.

        I'm not real big into Bricktops, it just seems like it's a poor mans Houstons.

        1. re: klebb

          Amerigo on West End

          It's a chain but the food is consistently good.

          J Alexander's on West End

          1. re: pete k

            Amerigo is actually the first thing that came to mind for me. It's a "chain" in that there are 4 or 5 locations in the southeast (2 in the Nashville area). The food, however, is very good, made from scratch, and not from frozen or the corporate commissary. It's a grown-up restaurant that can easily accomdate children. It's one of my favorite lunch places and a good dinner spot when I want something comfortable and familiar but good quality.

            I think J Alex is a little less child-friendly, but also a decent option.

            As for Bricktop's being a "poor man's Houston's" ... well ...first, I disagree. Second, it is in the building where THE original Houston's was for what? 25 years? And is owned by the man who started Houston's. So ... there ya go.

          2. re: klebb

            I'm sure Tin Angel would be fine for the kids, but it's probably worth calling Zola and asking them about it. I have seen young children (i'm thinking 3 or 4 years old) there but didn't examine their plates so I don't know whether they were being fed bits of what their parents ordered or had something specially prepared for them.

            1. re: nm1

              Just so everyone who's reading this thread knows, Zola closed a few months ago. I don't see Firefly (in Green Hills) mentioned here, and it's one of our favorite go-to places. That said, we're from a couple hours away and realize that we really need to add some new listings to our 'favorites' since we tend to eat at the same places too often. Add Germantown Cafe to that list . . .