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Dec 1, 2009 02:01 PM

Tapas and Wine Bars in Haro

I've read before on here that there are a few good tapas bars in Haro. Are there any specific places worth looking for?

Also, are there any wine bars/enotecas in Haro? Specifically, I'm looking for a place that would have a large selection of local riojas by the glass.

Lastly, has anyone here been to Asador Terete?

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  1. Jake,

    Good luck with your trip to La Rioja. While Haro is closer and perhaps easier for visiting many of the great wineries it is itself a pretty sleepy town. Logrono is a far better place for tapas crawls. I assume in Haro you will stay at Los Augustinos where the Las Duelas Restaurant is quite good (modern). Terete is a classic restaurant where I have eaten with the winemakers of the region a dozen times. Very traditional old school menu but representative of the region with both older vintages as well as modern wines. If you leave the Plaza at Augustinos and go through the Plaza de la Paz you will come to a rabbit warren of streets leading to the Plaza Iglesia. My favorite wine bar was Bar Los Canos at Plaza San Martin 5. ( as you look at the church it is on the left at the top of an alley that leads back to Plaza de la Paz. I've heard it may have closed or changed names. Regardless search it out, by far it was the best glass list in Haro and very comfortable. On Santo Tomas are the two famous Beethoven restaurants. I believe it is II on the right side as you go towards the Plaza Iglesia that has a bar area as well that has a decent list of glass wines. I suggest the bar for tapas and wine over the restaurant. However, most of the tapas bars ar in this area around Plaza San Martin and Santo Tomas.

    Please let me know if you come across a great place while you wander, so I can seek it out on my next visit.

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      Klaus, thanks for all of the information. Since you seem to know the area pretty well, I have another question for you. You are correct that we are in fact staying at Los Augustinos in Haro. Obviously , visiting wineries is part of the plan. However, we will be there between Christmas and New years. Thus, many of the wineries are closed. At the moment, I have a scheduled visit at Roda. I'm also considering a few proposals sent to me by -Thabuca. Do you have any insight as to visiting wineries in Haro? Any good people to contact? Have you been to Roda?

      1. re: Trip Klaus

        Also Klaus, do you know if it is possible to work in a winery for a day? In other words, we have been trying to find a winery that would let us work in a volunteer or intern capacity for a day or two.

        1. re: Jake Barnes

          I'm sorry I've never been there at this time so I don't know who is open. I would contact Muga who when open has tours in English every day and a grteat selection of wines. I would also contact Allende (not in Haro but close enough and great wine and friendly owners) and Sierra Cantabria (also not in Haro great array of wines). You may also want to visit the Maques de Riscal complex since they have the new hotel they may be more likely to be open for tours.I also have found that a phone call is better than an e-mail. For some reason it seems many bodegas don't check their e-mail often.I would suggest you pick up the Penin guide available in English from Amazon for correct e-mail/telephone/address. I have visited Roda many times and the wines are great. They also make my favorite olive oil in Spain. As far as working I'd be surprised if anyone if up for that. If it were harvest maybe. I've worked a few harvests in Spain and Germany but at this time of year the little bit that's going on can be handled by the staff. If you like the area make friends with one of the wineries and revisit at harvest. All the winemakers I know find it hilarious that people want to come and help for free, when they can only find often migrants and Eastern Europeans to be paid to do it.

          Good Luck.

          1. re: Trip Klaus

            Has anyone been to Echaurren in Ezcarey?