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Dec 1, 2009 01:42 PM

Animal tonight!

Found a ton of reviews but am overwhelmed and would like to wrangle a Chowhound consensus.

Two people will be dining. Medium/Large appetites. No aversions.

Is it best to just order a bunch of small plates? Or a handful of small plates and split an entree? Or a small plate or two, and two entrees?

And what MUST we order?

Many thanks.

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  1. I went with my husband 3 months ago, it was fabulous.

    we were hungry, but we decided to split some plates since there were just too many things we wanted to try.

    You HAVE to order the foie gras maple biscuit. foodgasm on a plate.
    The poutine was a let down, as a french quebecoise, poutine sauce runs in my veins. those were saucy fries with hunks of meat.

    we ended up sharing 5 apps, 1 main and 2 desserts. nice drink pairings offered.

    Can't wait to go again, it was near perfect. maybe just a bit loud though.

    1. My wife and I are normally sharing 3 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts. We have yet to find something which we absolutely didn't like even though the ribs were only OK (too much sauce)

      1. If the sweetbreads are on the appetizer menu tonight then I would definitely get them. Wonderful dish.

        435 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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          Agreed. I also think that the pork belly sliders are a can't miss item and the quail fry is outstanding as well. I enjoyed the loco moco, but think there are other better choices on the menu.

        2. nice! have a great time..its a wonderful experience. wife and I had the hierloom tomatoes, pig ears, porkbelly kimchi, foie gras loco moco and the poutine fries.
          we had a great time and the dishes were so full of flavor. yes, we shared each dish. we probalby could of had another dish or two but the poutine french fries filled us i would skip that dish.

          1. Husband and I shared 5 apps and were stuffed, and we have medium appetites. But it totally depends on what you order of the poutine app is probably equivalent to at least 2 lighter apps. If I were you I'd probably order 4 apps and 1 entree to share, and avoid super-heavy apps like the poutine. You MUST order the pork belly sliders and pork belly with kimchee. The 2 pork belly preparations are really different, and both amazing.