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Dec 1, 2009 12:54 PM

Where to buy Marble Slab?

I'd like to buy a marble slab in the Bay Area, preferably the Peninsula. This would be for rolling out pie dough. I know I can go to a kitchen store like Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table, but I'd like to spend as little as possible. So I thought about going to a flooring or tiling store to see if they have leftover remnants of marble they can sell. But would that be food-safe? Would a marble slab purchased from a kitchenware store be more appropriate - for example, it might be sealed? Any recommendations on where to go? Thanks!

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  1. Urban Ore in Berkeley regularly has piles of marble scraps. I can't speak to whether it would be food-safe, except that unpolished marble looks porous. You'll probably want a polished slab.

    1. You might try a kitchen remodeling place (mom and pop place) or somewhere you can get a remnant. It would be thicker and heavier but probably less expensive as well. In all likeliness it would be polished and/or they can tell you what is/isn't food safe. Urban Ore is a great suggestion.

      1. CB2 sells a marble cheese platter for about 25$, but it is only 12 inch square, slightly less than 1/2 inch thick. Maybe it is too small for your use???

        1. By far the cheapest would be to buy four marble floor tiles, using thin-set cement, set them on a piece of ply. It won't be as heavy as solid marble, but will do the trick for cooking. There was a place in San Francisco across from the Hall of Justice that had scraps, of various sizes. Your might call around for avaiable sizes and prices.

          1. I don't think you necessarily want sealed marble. I'm not sure what the latest trend in this is, but my grandmother had a thick, raw marble countertop that she used for this purpose. It was the sort of marble that would get stained, and then absorb the stain. It was worn down from years of chopping, and was resilient enough to take it. If it is sealed and shiny, you will just have a slippery surface that will probably crack with use. Give Clervi Marble a call -- they used to be down on Bayshore, and there probably are some other marble places around there too. Ask for a cast-off piece of flat cut but unfinished marble.