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Dec 1, 2009 12:53 PM

Portable Charcoal Grill

Hi Guys, what would you recommend is a good portable charcoal grill? Something that's good quality, not bothered about price just good for camping and going away?

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  1. I have a Weber Smokey Joe Gold (the difference between the Gold and the Silver is a bail that flips up to secure the lid to the bowl, otherwise they're the same), and I use it when I want to grill a few items. It's too small for smoking anything, but if I'm just doing a few dogs or burgers or veggies, it's perfect.

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      The smokey does look interesting. It looks quite big though, I was thinking of something a bit more old school or traditional where it's basically just good for coals and a grill, no need for a lid or anything fancy although I suppose you can leave the lid at home and keep for home use anyway. Leaves room for thought..

      Nice 1

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        This one folds to 1" thick; you won't do much better than that:

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          The smokey joe is not really that big. And trust me, you'll want quality even when camping. I've had to use crappy charcoal grills on the go, and they suck. I'm a charcoal snob, and own 5 grills (albeit one is a gasser). All but one a weber.

          get a smokey joe, and if it's one without the holes on the bottom, put some in. Air circulation is so important when grilling. Anything that does not allow air to flow through the coals IMO is not worth the time.

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          I think for a truly portable unit, the Weber Go Anywhere grill gets a nod from me over the Smokey Joe -- the folding legs and rectangular shape make it easier to pack up. The Joe is lugable but just not ideal -- it prefers to stay put on the apartment or condo balcony.

          The Son of Hibachi design looks intriguing. Anyone use one?


          Note the weight....Might be a little heavy if your're backpacking the Appalachian Trail......

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          1. re: Uncle Bob

            Yes I would go with the Lodge Sportsman's Grill. Its like an old hibachi, you can control the heat and add charcoal without removing the grill. Weighs 32 lbs. because its all cast iron. Go to SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE a deal at $ 89.97. Go thur Lodge its $ 135.00. Mine is about 30 years old and going great.

          2. I'd recommend the Bon Feu! you can pick them up on Amazon or from Spain. I bought mine direct from Spain from their website. Very well made grill, only thing I didn't like was that the coals are quite close to the food which means you need to wait for the coals to burn to around 70% or put fewer in but for travel and quick and easy it's perfect. or
            Hope this helps

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            1. re: Leo Slater

              The sportsman's grill looks good and the bonfeu looks interesting. Nice 1 thanks

              1. re: Leo Slater

                we ended up going for the bonfeu and it arrived today! we're looking forward to giving it a burn after Christmas. thanks for the help.

              2. Check out a BIg Green Egg Mini. Extremely versatile, uses very little charcoal and you have extreme control over the temps. Plus a lifetime warranty.

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                  The Mini weighs 30 lbs. and costs nearly $300. Not exactly portable or cheap, but can't dispute the quality...

                2. The Cobb is a brilliant small charcoal bbq- grill, smoke or wok. I just added it to the Weber collection (3) and it is excellent.