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Dec 1, 2009 12:30 PM

16 Degrees of Craving Bacon

How did yours truly, of all people, miss International Bacon Day (September 5th)? Thankfully, another bacon-loving buddy shared this link with me today, so I'm sharing with you.

I think I need a bacon USB to store my recipes! And who knew St. Anthony could not only help me find my keys, but also BACON?!

What's your favorite?

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  1. Hi Kattyeyes!

    That is hilarious!
    The St. Anthony - patron Saint of bacon has to be the best...but the bacon looking AND smelling tuxedo is pretty good too!

    1. My favorite: Bacon Lip Balm. If you don't have time for breakfast.


      1. LOVE this! If my dentist handed out bacon floss, I'd use it!

        1. Oh the bandages for sure, I have many boo-boos, many. Follow that up with a lollipop to take my pain away. Speaking of dentists, too bad they don't pass out lollipops anymore; I would definitely prefer these for after my annual cleaning.