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Dec 1, 2009 12:08 PM

Mr. Noodle on Broxton - Anyone been???

Has anyone been to Mr. Noodle on Broxton? I had not heard of it and could not find anything on the boards about it. Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. The food is just ok. It's cheap with quick service for UCLA students. The good thing is it's next door to Diddie Riese cookies, If you see a line it's for Diddy Riese and not for Mr. Noodle. Unfortunately the food all around Westwood Village has gone down hill in the past few years.

    Diddy Riese Cookies
    926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    1. Is it still there? I remember going there 10 years ago when my kids were at UCLA. It's OK if you really are in the mood for noodles and don't want to drive off somewhere. Also, as mentioned, it's a good excuse to go to Diddy Riese and grab some cookies after your meal.

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        Oooohhhh, that place. I have seen it a bunch, and never wanted to go. My co-workers had a menu and were going to order there. I am glad I passed. Thanks!

      2. The food is okay, by regular standards. By Westwood standards, I would say that it is good, actually one of the better cheap options. It's not just for noodles, the red curry is pretty good. But it serves mostly Thai food and Thai House one street over has significantly better food, and a nicer, calmer atmosphere--Thai House is one of the best cheap option in Westwood, in my opinion.

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          I can vouch that Mr. Noodle is pretty good for Westwood. I like the Panang Beef (although the beef is very cheap). The sauce is good, fresh basil is nice. I know other people like the Yellow Curry, the Pad Thai, and (I can agree) the Chinese Sausage Fried rice. My wife & I usually order 2 things, eat half, and then have leftovers for dinner. It's not a destination restaurant, but it's quite good for Westwood.

          Now I'm curious about Thai House, though... gotta read up, I guess.

        2. my kids adore that place, it was their intro to thai food. they have since eaten stellar thai food but this one is a quick pleaser when we are in the area. it doesn't let down, you know what you get. The shrimp rolls are good, thai iced tea is rereshing. pad thai is tasty.
          service is quick, will change anything you want.
          decently priced.