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Dec 1, 2009 11:53 AM

ISO the best soup in Montreal

It is cold and wet and I feel like a great bowl of soup.

So...who makes the best soup in town consistantly?

By the way, I broke down and made a carrot ginger soup with a hint of garlic.

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  1. you will probably get better results than this, but during the winter, i can't get enough of the chicken soup at u&me noodles. it is huge, loaded with tons of vegetables and chicken and the broth is always piping hot with ample saltiness. and it's like $5 at lunch.

    1. I am a fan of SoupeSoup. There are a few of them around town. Their soups change daily, and they are always original and very tasty.

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        SoupeSoup is quality. I've been there many times and never been disappointed.

        The only complaint people I speak to generally have is about the price. But it's a small chain and I don't think they're exactly raking in the dough over there. Plus you get what you pay for.

        Does wonders if you're feeling under the weather (literally or figuratively).

      2. I second SoupeSoup and I also enjoy their sandwiches.

        1. I quite like the pho at Pho Lien and the Sopa Azteca at Los Clasicos. Mmmmmm, crunchy pork rinds in soup...

          Do you prefer something rustic and chunky or something delicate, and refined that's been passed through a strainer 10 times? =D

          1. Pea soup with foie gras at APdC!