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Dec 1, 2009 11:43 AM

Breakfast near Convention Center

My sister-in-law is coming into Philadelphia this weekend for a conference at the Convention Center and wants to meet me for breakfast on Saturday. She doesn't have a lot of time -- can meet me at 10, but must be back by noon. None of my go-to breakfast places seem to fill the bill, and I hesitate to suggest RTM (although I've recommended it if she has another chance) because of how crowded it gets on Saturdays. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's not typical breakfast food, but Kanella opens for brunch at 10am and it is great. Menu is available online.

    I think you can get out of there in an hour easily if you arrive close to 10.

    1. Beau Monde opens at 10 - it's at 6th and Bainbridge, so not right next door but close enough to cab or drive back and forth in 2 hours, and if you are driving there is usually street parking at that time!

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        I'm really looking for something within a reasonable walk -- say 6-8 blocks.

      2. If Kanella is too far, you could try one of the many Marathon Grills within walking distance of the Convention Center.

        1. We went to Cafe Lift, which was recommended on another thread by rabidog. It was an easy walk from my SIL's hotel (if somewhat alarming for a direction-challenged out-of-town visitor), and the food was terrific. I had the cannoli French toast, my dad had huevos rancheros, and my SIL had the lemon ricotta pancakes. Too bad the service was so cold and inefficient. Although the restaurant was empty when we got there (and only half-full by the time we left), they wouldn't let us sit at a table for four, but squeezed us into a tiny table for two with an extra chair. I had to steal a fork from a nearby table. And they snatched away my SIL's plate before she swallowed her last bite. At least the good part of getting the bum's rush that way was that she got back to the conference in plenty of time to rock her discussion panel.