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Dec 1, 2009 11:28 AM

southern spice YYC

NE clg has a lot of indian resturants. A lot of them post up on outside signage how much their Indian buffet is.

SS used to post their price too but we haven't see one lately. When we stopped in to get a take out menu and to ask how much the buffet was... the lady said 9... then changed her price to $10.95. We left but then turned back to just have a look see. When we went back we're greeeted by a male.. and we said we'd just like to see the buffet offerings. He said sure and led the way. When we asked how much it was.. he hesitated for more than a few seconds and then said 10.95. So here's my question, are there different prices for Indian and non Indian people. Seriously, don't laugh... it's been know that someChinese resturants have an English menu and a Chinese menu for different prices. We just wanna know how much their lunch buffet costs.

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  1. I am Chinese, as are my parents, and though we do often receive a Chinese, English-less menu at restaurants, I don't ever recall seeing something priced lower than an English menu. (I read the English menu because I cannot read much Chinese; my parents read the Chinese menu to me.) The items are different and thus priced differently. The only potential genuine price differences I can think of are deals on three or more items from the Chinese-only menu. But, like I said, the items are different. (Though I do believe more restaurants should publish the Chinese-only menu in English as well, because I know a lot more people would like to be able to order from that menu!)

    Which is all to say... I don't know--different buffet prices at Southern Spice? Any Indian people who can verify the claim?

    EDIT: Oh, "some Chinese restaurants." Yes, I guess I wouldn't put it past some restaurants to fudge prices, but it might be off-putting to their multilingual clientele.

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      yes well we're of mixed descent and yeah part of the family does read and speak Chinese. It's not a general speculation, it's from past experience.

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        Blech, that's terrible. I'll have to keep my eye out for that next time--makes you wonder what other ways they might try to take advantage.

      2. re: aktivistin

        I've seen dishes that were named the same on a bilingual "other" menu as on the regular menu but were actually different dishes. The price was higher on the regular menu but that is almost justifiable.

        I like the trend towards bilingual "other" menus but in our mixed family it's the younger generation who can read Chinese. Go figure. What is really annoying is a bad translation where there are a half dozen items titled "pork buns"...

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          Sorry, I know that this isn't answering the original post, but has anyone noticed that if you're Chinese and you get take out, you don't get the 10% discount that the non-Chinese get for pick up? Or maybe it's just the places I go to here.

          1. re: anonymoose

            We noticed at a certain Chinese restaurant (which will remain nameless) they would overcharge on some pick-up items. My husband is caucasian (I am mixed Asian) -- every time when he went to pick up the food he (being very good with prices and adding up in his head) noticed that the total was maybe $2-3 more than it should be. He would point this out to the ladeez and it would be profuse "Oh! so sorry!" and they would reimburse him. They never did this when I picked up the food.