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Dec 1, 2009 11:25 AM

"seafood" menu help

I'm planning a party for "Old Christmas" in early January, I want to share a little bit of my Eastern North Carolina heritage with my friends. The observance is essentially a New World Twelfth Night, but here's the hitch - the traditional Old Christmas celebration involves oysters and other seafood, and lots of it. I can't afford an elaborate seafood dinner for my friends (all grad students and young professionals), and they wouldn't expect it. Instead of a real seafood dinner, I'm planning a "fish" themed menu. I'm not afraid of a good pun, and I'll have to go all out to make this work, so any suggestions are welcome!

So far I have:

Swedish fish
goldfish crackers
oyster crackers
clam chowder

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  1. serve the goldfish crackers with potato chips for fish 'n' chips. anchovy paste. scalloped potatoes. mini tuna melts. serve on a "skate" board. cocktail sauce shooters? salt water taffy. sponge cake.

    will you have a "conger" line? and wear fishnet stockings? listen to lawrence "whelk"?

    1. Just off the top of my head, I thought about a seafood pate or aspic dip molded in one of those copper fish molds that everyone's mother had from the old days..If you had a fish shape cutter (can be ordered online), you can make fish shaped crostini to go with...this is a good challenge by the way. I'll have to think of more ideas....

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        the fish-shaped crostini would be a good place to use the anchovy paste.

        and musselman's brand applesauce is available in nc.

        1. re: Cherylptw

          I have a shark shaped cutter. I thought about sugar cookies, but crostini is good!

        2. make sure all your guests have crayons and paper so they can design their own "plaice" mats. creamed pearl onions. "a baloney" sandwich.

            1. schooner of beer? gee, i'm liking this way too much...