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Sending authentic American food gifts to friends in Italy - HELP!

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My hubby and I would like to send a gift basket of some traditional American food items to our Italian friends this Christmas but we just can't decide what to send! What items would you include?

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  1. Harry&davids has a vast assortment of shippable gifts, and the best part is that they do
    all the work for you.
    go to their website and pick within your budget, then relax and enjoy .

    1. I would suggest that you don't send any coffee, candy, syrups, flavorings, they have us beat on that stuff. Although not traditional, an assortment of southwestern/Mexican items they might enjoy.

        1. Ask them. Last year my Northern Italian friends *really* wanted Zip Loc bags. Apparently they are sold there but are very expensive.

          1. Dried cranberries, maple syrup, smoked wild "American" salmon, wild rice, shelled pecans or black walnuts, Jim Beam, some California wines, selected cheeses from Vermont, Wisconsin, Cailifornia, or Oregon; selected local flower-specific honey, bear or venison jerky, BBQ spice rub, ... although this task is coals to Newcastle.

            1. I just mentioned them in this mail-order food gifts thread (which might give you other ideas) http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6709..., but you can get great hand-harvested and hard-parched (in accordance with Native American tradition) wild rice; chokecherry jam; maple syrup; maple candies; and bison summer sausage form these folks. http://nativeharvest.com/catalog

              I don't know if they ship internationally or if you'd have to order it and package and send it yourself.


              1. Chocolate chips w/cookie recipe. Colleague in Germany, American by birth, always asks.

                Chilies, canned or dried--not sure how American that is :), but my boss in the UK always appreciates them.

                Pumpkin butter.

                Hamburger dills if they want to make an authentic American burger (maybe buns too?)