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Dec 1, 2009 10:27 AM

BYOB Rec. for birthday dinner in Monmouth County

Hello! I am planning a 25th birthday dinner/party for my friend. Looking for a place that will accomodate around 30 people and preferably a BYOB to cut down on cost. We live in the Ocean Township, Asbury, Neptune area so anywhere in that general vicinity would be great. Its likely going to be a surprise, so trying to avoid anything too far away.

Please post any thoughts or suggestions! Thank you!!

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  1. BYOB and 30 people might be a little tough. The two that come to mind are Belford Bistro and Dish however, I doubt that either can accomodate the group unless you go on an off night and take over most of the restaurant. Two others that can accomodate the crowd but have liquor licenses are Piccola Italia and Stella Marina, Good Luck.

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      Asia Star Cafe for byob. Chinese/Thai/Sushi. Located on Asbury Ave. in Tinton Falls.

      1. re: njuser

        Asia Star actually has surprisingly decent food too!

        1. re: joonjoon

          Does it have a website? Only links I found were broken.

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            BYOB places ..Delvettos in Neptune NJ has great Italian food, but the shopping center is a little grim but is a great BYOB, for a picture pefect place on the ocean I would consider Matisse in Belmar , In Freehold I think La Cippolino in town center is still BYOB very nice place also

            1. re: Freeholdtwsp88

              Thumbs up for Delvettos and Matisse!

              Cippolino on the other hand....that place always feels like a used car salesman to me.

        2. re: njuser

          Went to Asia Star for lunch today. Second time there. The first time we had Chinese. We were unimpressed. Food was ok, nothing special. And poor relative value: more expensive and smaller portions than other places, e.g. Eastern Empire.

          Today we had Japanese. Much different story. I had a trio of rolls, and my dining partner had a salmon sushi plate. Nice presentation and very flavorful. Plus the miso soup was one of the best I've had. It rivals Kanji.

      2. How about Ponte Vecchio in Old Bridge. Nice place