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Dec 1, 2009 09:59 AM

Need Smoked Turkey in dowtown Pittsburgh

Any delis in downtown Pittsburgh that have Boar's Head smoked turkey? Or any other quality smoked turkey ?

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  1. Try the strip district. Penn Mac has a large deli counter, you'd likely find what you need there.

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    1. re: Rick

      I don't think Penn Mac carries Boar's Head.

      I also can not think of a downtown deli that has Boar's Head. The closest that comes to mind is Food For Thought deli on Craig Street in Oakland.

      1. re: meatmaster

        I'm sure Penn Mac would have some brand of smoked turkey, op didn't say it had to be boar's head, just a quality product.

        1. re: meatmaster

          Penn Mac does carry Boar's Head although I'm not sure if they have smoked turkey.

      2. If you want a whole bird, order from Greenberg's in Texas at They're excellent!


        1. Maybe the Rosebud grocery and deli on 7th Street? (It's in the Encore apartment building, 7th near Ft Duquesne Blvd end). In its earlier incarnation as just a deli some years ago, they in fact carried Boar's Head products. I don't know what they carry now, but it's the same owner using the same name for a different sort of store. I still think he'd be interested in using quality stuff.

          I'm struggling to think of much in the way of high-quality stuff like that downtown. I don't think most of the deli lunch places are going to be of suitable quality, although because I don't eat that kind of stuff much I am not totally sure.

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          1. re: CrazyOne

            Rosebud has Boar's Head meats. However they might be a bit pricey.

            1. re: JC65

              what do they offer at Rosebud and do any of you buy lunches there? i've often walked by and am wondering if they make a quality sandwich or salad or anything I could grab at lunch

              1. re: Mr Siegal

                I've had them make me a ham and cheese sandwich a couple of times. It was good (not great). They do have some cold salads in a display but I've never purchased them. Mostly I go there for a soda and chips or if I've forgotten an onion (or something) from the supermarket.

                1. re: JC65

                  Thanks all, wanted Boar's Head because of food allergy issues and have eaten them in the past with no problem. Called Boar's Head and they gave me Rosebud's. They had roasted turkey and pepper crusted turkey. Beautifully sliced I might add. Rosebud's was very tidy, but empty on a Saturday morning.