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Dec 1, 2009 09:52 AM

Drink prices increased and no longer the same for most choices

I continue to be a big fan of Drink, but was a little bummed out to note last night that it's no longer simply $10 per cocktail for almost everything - the 1919 and Prosecutor were $10.75 and the Moscow Mules were over $11 - good bartender Scott very nicely explained that they determined it is pricey for them to make the ginger beer and many of their other ingredient costs have increased since opening - not surprising that they are going up given Drink's current popularity either, but I would have preferred an across the board increase vs. the odd amounts and differing prices appearing. Still a good value for the money but just a little less so now...

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  1. That's F-ing BS. What a load of crap.

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    1. re: DoubleMan

      Who let my 16 yr old son on this board?

      1. re: justbeingpolite

        lol. Sorry. I just think it is completely ridiculous - especially for a place without a menu.

        1. re: DoubleMan

          True. If there's no menu, they just adjust prices based on ingredients? Do they tell you before they mix?

          1. re: justbeingpolite

            I have never been told about prices until after I received the bill. Everything used to be $10, then they added $15 drinks for ones which included single malt scotches etc. as ingredients or large tiki drinks. Then egg drinks creeped up to $11. I guess you could ask the price, but that would interrupt the flow of drink deciding between customer and bartender (especially if they do not know until they punch it into the P.O.S. system).

    2. This has been the MO at every Barbara Lynch institution since Day One. Price creep always follows popularity. Still worth it, in my book, but if they start getting Butcher-Shop-gougey, I may have to move on.

      Incidentally, they do have a menu of sorts now: a moveable-type white-on-black signboard that lists the most popular drinks recently served there, sort of like the craft cocktail version of Bukowski's beer wheel -- a little help for the indecisive, a memory jog for that cocktail you liked there last week but it was your third one and you can't remember the name.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        some food portions also seem to be declining-- the chicken liver mousse used to be a healthy fraction of a jar-full but is now just a thin layer on the bottom of the jar...not worth it imo

        1. re: barleywino

          On the other hand, have you seen the chicken "wings"? It's an enormous plate of food!

          1. re: bostonbroad

            i agree...those wings are pretty good (i like the buttermilk batter on them)

            1. re: barleywino

              I agree that the wings are pretty good, but it is not that much food for $10. Of course, it is a lot more food than the classic shrimp cocktail four piece ($12). The fries ($6) look like a big portion, but they are stacked for height and there are not that many fries in the serving.

      2. I don't think any of the drinks are $10 anymore based on my last two experiences there. I think the new base is $10.75 and then up. Sidecar - $10.75, Maximillian's Affair - $10.75, Fort Point - $10.75, etc. It continues to be worth it to me because everyone there is so free with recipes and education on making cocktails, which my husband loves and I benefit from. We also used to get some sort of freebie if we stayed for three or more cocktails, like our order of gougeres would be free, or even a round, but that hasn't happened in at least the last three visits. On the bright side, the gougeres are now only $2 - but no more truffled mornay or whatever sauce.

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        1. re: bostonbroad

          No, they don't tell you the price or price difference before they mix. My receipts tell me that cocktails with champagne (like the Seelbach or French 75) are $12.15. I've also been charged $12.15 for some cocktails that didn't seem any different from the $10.75 cocktails. And I haven't gotten any freebies (even after 3 or 4 rounds) since the prices went up.

        2. i've noticed this increase a couple of months but i will still be a regular as i'm usually in 2-3 times a month for two drinks then out.

          1. Still less than the $14 cocktails at Bond.

            Incidentally, got a better pour on my bourbon at the Dise than at Bond, for half the price....just saying...of course, Bond's was Booker's vs. Maker's - but I am just talking quantity.

            And btw, stay away from anything other than bottled beer at the Paradise Lounge - the drinks there were wretched across the board - flat taps, soapy wine glasses, very weak rum and coke, g&t. Drinks inside the concert venue at least are price appropriate and fine quality.