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Dec 1, 2009 09:45 AM

Best Italian Food in Berlin?

Hi everyone,
My birthday is this Sunday and I am looking for an Italian restaurant in Berlin at which to celebrate. Any recommendations? I live near Savignyplatz but am more than willing to travel a ways.
Vielen Dank,

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  1. A bunch come to mind:

    Trattoria Paparazzi in Prenzlauerberg
    Grünfisch (Xberg location and ... there's another one somehwere, I think in Charlottenburg)
    Femmina Morta (Prenzlauerberg)
    Noodles et Figli (Xberg)
    Tavola Calda (Leibnizstr. Charlottenburg)
    Stella Alpina (Suarezstr., Charlottenburg)

    If you have a TON of money to spend, go to Ana e Bruno. It's considered one of the best Italian restos in Germany. Prices are accordingly '-)

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    1. re: linguafood

      Thanks! I will read up on their menus and report back after Sunday.

      1. re: linguafood

        @Linguafood -
        You haven't mentioned Contadino - because you haven't been there? Because you think it is over hyped? I am curious - I haven't been there myself and I usually shy away from places which Brad Pitt frequents (nothing against Mr. Pitt, of course - and Brad, if you read it, I am also a hungry child who could be adopted). However, their menu looks superb, and I think Basilicata (which is where they are from) provides one of the best regional cuisines in Italy.

        1. re: polyg

          I've been to Contadino -- in fact, posted a write-up on qype (the European equivalent of yelp, sorta) a while back, albeit in German.

          I think the food can be good, but the service is an utter disaster. I can get the same quality food at other Italian restos that haven't been visited by Mr. Pitt -- who apparently also 'ruined' Bandol Sur Mer (same issue: overcrowded, overhyped, service that is lacking, except for in attitude).

          Their caponata is to die for, tho. Less hyped, less interesting food, but same caponata can be found at Trattoria Muntagnola on Fuggerstr. in Schöneberg (Mimmo's bro owns that place, and the caponata is a family recipe).