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Dec 1, 2009 09:24 AM

Edmonton RROTM - December - Red Star Pub

Here is Decembers review of the month:

Red Star Pub
10534 Jasper Avenue NW

opens at 5pm.


Please report back to this post at the END of the month.

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  1. Just noticed the new edition of Vue has a review. Thought I would throw it in.

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    1. re: raidar

      They havent' served the chicken and salsa verde since the summer. Whomever wrote that article should have mentioned that she visited Red Star in July not December.

    2. Oh I'm so glad Red Star is the Dec pick! I am a huge advocate for the chef there and the menu.... the chicken and wild mushroom polpettes with truffled creme fraiche is to die for!

      The first Wed of the month, the owner's mom does a huge cooking day with friends and they have a Jamaican day. Other than that - Daniel Costa the chef has a regular Italian influenced menu.

      I think Red Star has a tasting tomorrow night. My bf and I are going to go there on Friday so I can get my fix.

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      1. re: foodkarma

        what kind of tasting do you mean? wine? food? pre pay? I was thinking of going on Friday, are they quite busy? what time should a person go at?

        1. re: cleopatra999


          The quote below is from the Only Here For The Food blog:

          ■Up-and-coming chef Daniel Costa is hosting a special tasting at Red Star (10534 Jasper Avenue) on December 3 in honour of Parlous Magazine’s launch party. Tickets are $25; contact Daniel at 780-937-2276 for tickets. You can also read an interview with Daniel in the current issue of Parlour on pages 36-37.

        2. re: foodkarma


          They do sound good especially when I then read the article that raidar provided the link to.

          1. re: foodkarma

            We never ended up going on Dec 3 weekend due to the blizzard that happened. We went tonight - Costa had a great special tagiatelle with what tasted like roast pig neck... super tender.

            We also ordered my beloved polpettes (didn't disappoint - those little meatful flavour bursts), roasted tomato crostini's, and mini burgers. The burgers were juicier than usual and I'm still dreaming of the dinner.

          2. I too am very glad that you picked Red Star. They serve up some wonderful seaonsal sharing dishes and appetizers. I've tried the chicken meatballs, meat and cheese platter (amazing pickled zuchinni), pasta pesto dish and chicken with salsa verde.

            However I have a huge complaint and it's bad enough to spoil your experience. The service is horrible. I've been there right at 5 when they open with only a couple of tables and we've had to wait almost 20 minutes for the waitress to even approach our table. This hasn't happened once. It's happened pretty much everytime. We've stopped going there as a result.

            In short great food but be warned the bad service will ruin your appetite.

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            1. re: HamiltonLake

              That's really unfortunate, as nearly every single time I visit Red Star, my guest and I are quickly annoyed by just how OFTEN the server stops by. If we just glanced at a photograph on the wall in the server's general direction, she was at our table in a heartbeat. Annoying for us, perhaps horribly unlucky for you that you don't get the same waitresses we do :)