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Tasty lunch spots near Eaton Centre...willing to walk.

I'm working at the Eaton Centre. Are there any quick lunch picks within a 10 minute walk?

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  1. I'm struggling with this myself.

    Salad King is at Yonge & Gould, just one block north of Yonge & Dundas - reasonable thai food... well I like it for quick anyways.

    Chipolte is a chain but has decent food.

    Freshii in the basement food court is not bad.

    I'd really like to find a place that serves good healthy food without a pound of cheese, rice or dressing. But so far I've struck out on that wish.

    1. In addition to Salad King and Chipotle, Milo's Pita in the Toronto Life building gets good reviews here for their chicken shawarma.

      For something a little nicer, go to the eighth floor of the Bay and have lunch at Great Cooks on Eight. It's a bit of a hidden gem and one of my favourite lunch spots in the area. There is a full service seating area with menus, but there is also a self-serve area where you go up to the prepared food counter with a tray and order whatever looks good. You can also get there from the Simpson Tower elevators.

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        I went to Freshii for the first time last week and was very disappointed. I ordered salad with roast chicken, chickpeas, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, cucumber etc. etc. What I got was a container of mainly salad greens and a TINY amount of the other things (particularly the chicken). It cost over $7. For a much better deal on a take-out lunch go to the salad bar at the Kitchen Table in the Atrium on Bay. They have an excellent selection of items including lots of protein choices (chicken, shrimp, eggs etc.). Its much better than eating a bowl of lettuce.

      2. Burrito Boyz and Smoke's Poutinerie are on Adelaide St. West between Simcoe and Duncan... that would take you 10 minutes to walk there.

        There's also Mustachio at the St. Lawrence Market. That's also 10 minutes away.

        1. The Sandwich Box - just west of Bay on the south side of Richmond. Really yummy made-to-order sandwiches. They also have salads and soup, but I haven't tried them so can't comment.

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            Not sure if it is too far a walk for you but there is a little place on the south side of Gerrard just east of Yonge called Creasians - they make these great Chinese BBQ pork on a bun sandwiches, and other simple Chinese dishes and the prices are very reasonable.

          2. I have two places for you...

            1) Ritz - Carribean on the east side of Yonge, just south of Shuter
            $3.99 lunch special is delicious...rice/choice of chicken/slaw

            2) Sandwich World (my best kept secret until now, and best value lunch in the city)
            What they do pretty well is curry and biryani. $5 tax in gets you spicy chicken biryani, fragrant rice, and two sides. Also, ask for the dried chilies on the side.
            It's hard to give directions to where this place is, as it's in the path. It's closest to the north/east corner of Adelaide and York, and beside Hero Burger and Subway.

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              re: Sandwich World directions -- so, if you're on Adelaide, just east of York, walk till you see Hy's Steakhouse on the north side. Right in front of there will be a set of stairs leading down into the Path. Sandwich World will be in that food court as you walk in.

              I would second Sandwich Box and the barbacoa burrito at Chipotle. Also try the veal/chicken doner plate at Doner Kebab House on the SE corner of Yonge and Gerrard. Or New Bilan (Somalian) at Dundas and Jarvis for a big plate of stewed goat or chicken with potatoes and rice and a jug of mango juice. And the café at the Path entrance of the Bay has a wicked chicken pot pie, the same famous pie served at the historic Arcadian Court upstairs, just much cheaper.

              New Bilan Restaurant
              183 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A1Z4, CA

              1. re: Chester Eleganté

                Doner Kebab is one of my favourite places to grab a quick bite. Their veal on rice is amaaaaaazing.

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                Second for Sandwich World. The name has very little to do with what they serve. I haven't worked in the area for a year, but they had different biryanis each day - and if I recall, the fish curry was also very good. Can't beat the price though - $5 for a curry/main, rice and 2 salads (chick peas, green salad, etc). In the same food court as Hero Burger is (was?)

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                  Sandwich World is awesome - chicken curry with cole slaw or other sald for not $5 - but $4 - yes $4!!!

                  I eat there once every one or two weeks.

                  Hero Burger sucks. Pre-pressed crappy frozen tasteless patties. Better off to go to Harvey's and order the extra oickles at least

              3. There's also Fresh Fast Foods on Yonge, south of Adelaide. They do a nice filling veggie panini. And Petite Thuet rocks for good hot sandwiches as well (and pastries!). I second TorontoJo's recommendation for Cooks on 8, in the Bay, and Osgoode Hall at the Court of Appeal is worth a try as well.

                Osgoode Hall
                130 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N6, CA

                Fast Fresh Foods
                79 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C1S8, CA

                1. Trinity Church just outside the Eaton Centre has a little cafe. I haven't tried it myself but it did get pretty positive reviews on this board.

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                    I got lunch today at the church..... a small clam chowder, egg salad on rye with caraway and a large homemeade peanut butter cookie all less than $ 8.00. There is a reasonable eat in area and the food is quite good and certainly less expensive then toe local food courts.

                    1. re: books

                      I second Trinity Church. A meal to feel good about inside and out.

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                        The thing about Trinity---I eat there quite often--is the same dish is often not prepared the same way from day to day. Which can be very disconcerting. Sometimes the kale and potato soup is wonderful, rich flavour and just the right thickness and then another day it's bland due (I assume) to too much water added. And the veg lasagna has been wonderful some of the time and.... not so much so others. And then there's the brownies. I fell in love with them the first time I tried them and when they finally came back (months later) with a scrumptious-looking white icing on top, they were.... just completely wrong. I have no idea what happened in the preparation, but something got added in there that clearly should not have been. It was very disappointing. That said, I eat there a lot because it's convenient for shopping after lunch and I generally like the food quite a bit. It's just good to brace yourself just a little for the lack of consistency.

                        1. re: Ediblethoughts

                          Edible I agree with you that sometimes the quality fo the dishes vary from day to day but so do the meals that come out of my kitchen. :-)

                          1. re: books

                            Mine also! Some places though are pretty consistent on making the food taste the same each time you order it. It's best to be warned this isn't one of those places!

                  2. Ali Baba's (at Church and Dundas) has very good middle eastern food; it's very informal (the doors are left open at lunch so taking one's coat off inside is not recommended in December) but at noon the lines will sometimes go right out the door because it's very tasty stuff. I love the fish fillets---very tasty sauce and add in some lentil and rice and a couple salads and the grilled cauliflower and I'm left very satisfied. They also have a great deal on 2 for 1 falafel on Tuesdays (I think). And the falafel is pretty good too. I haven't tried anything else. but long lines don't lie so I figure they do most things quite well.

                    Oh and the Sear's cafeteria does a reasonably good pizza. I tried the pizza at Mercatto a few weeks back and I'd take that Sears caf over it any day.

                    1. Salad King is great...quick affordable food that is healthy and tasty. I also like the Italian place at Toronto LIfe food court.

                      1. There is a Terroni's right around the corner and it is in the old court house. Basically you get an incredible meal, the service is quick since they want maximum turn over and you aren't left with the hefty bill of some other sit down restos

                        1. For the love of god, do yourself a favour and avoid Salad King. Mengrai Thai isn't that far of a walk away, and so far ahead in terms of quality that you'll be doing yourself a huge favour. Salad King is the McDonald's of Thai food.

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                            I love Mengrai Thai too. But there's nothing wrong with the Salad King either. If I worked at Eaton Centre, Salad King would be my choice. Just can't see that it's possible to walk to Parliament, wait to be served, eat and walk back in an hour. Whereas at Salad King they're set up for a quick in n' out.

                            1. re: estufarian

                              agreed - it's about 1km from Queen and Yonge, so say a 12 min walk. You'd have to pre-order as you left the office for that to work...

                              82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

                              1. re: estufarian

                                While I have nothing but the greatest respect for you and your contributions on this board, we'll just have to disagree on this one, estufarian: I consider Salad King to be just one step above Spring Rolls in terms of Thai food quality (i.e. a very sad and one dimensional facsimile of the real thing).

                                1. re: estufarian

                                  Mengrai is certainly better but Salad King is good too in terms of most of the food. But gawds, it's LOUD! And most of the seating is worse than a foodcourt---you are crammed into those long tables with strangers. I'd go there more often if I didn't feel my bubble getting claustrophobic and if I could hear the person I came in with speak.

                                  1. re: Ediblethoughts

                                    You can call ahead and reserve a table upstairs at Salad King. It's the old Linda space and is much nicer than the main floor restaurant.

                                      1. re: TorontoJo

                                        I used to eat up there but I didn't know you could reserve up there. I'll try that.

                                  2. re: vorpal

                                    Salad king and Spring roll are the endless debate!

                                    1. re: HKson

                                      Even though I think it's loathsome, I can at least understand why some people like Salad King. How anyone could possibly like Spring Rolls is completely incomprehensible.

                                  3. Little India walk west on Queen for like.. 5 minutes. You won't be disappointed!

                                    1. Mystic Muffin is my favorite lunch spot, and easily do-able from your work. Going there today actually, the better life combo is probably my favorite lunch of all time.

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                                        I agree with you SnowCrash - Elias at Mystic Muffin makes great lunches! Whether it is the Better Life Combo - which is vegetarian friendly, or any of his sandwiches - I personally love his Tuna in a pita. It might be a bit of a walk to Richmond and Jarvis from the Eaton Centre but for anyone in the area who has not tried it - give Mystic Muffin a try. His Apple Cake is amazing and new customers get a free slice... ironically the worst thing on his menu is muffins!

                                        Mystic Muffin
                                        113 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5C2H4, CA

                                      2. Harlem at Church and Richmond is a quick walk, and according to their website they offer take-out. So if you ordered by phone first you could probably walk to pick it up. Or maybe order by phone and then walk over and eat in, if they were amiable to that. Food is great but sometimes the service isn't the quickest, though, which could become an issue.

                                        67 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C1N9, CA

                                        1. Kenzo Ramen near Dundas and Elizabeth

                                          Small menu but they do everything excellent and you can get a bowl of noodles for <$10

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                                            I second Kenzo. Hows about Japango.

                                          2. When I worked down there (4 or 5 years ago), Yueh Tung was always a good choice for a reasonable lunch. Nothing spectacular, but good, solid food for a decent price. Just south of Dundas on Elizabeth.

                                            There used to be the cafeteria on the upper levels of the Eaton's (I think?) store. It's been awhile, but I remember it as being pretty good.

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                                              For non-foodcourt options, Yueh Tung and Kenzo would be my suggestions, but unless you don't mind waiting in line, you pretty much have to get to them before 11:45. The cafeterias on the 4th Floor Sears (brianl999: that's previously Eaton's) or the 8th Floor Bay are also decent options. I find the Spring Rolls in the Atrium OK too when I have more time, but it can be a bit more expensive.

                                            2. Have you been to the fifth floor of sears? They have a very nice little cafeteria with good food at a reasonable price. Atmosphere is way better than the food courts in the Eatons centre. Great for days when you dont want to go outside!

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                                                I don't think Sears has a fifth floor...you mean the cafeteria on the 4th floor?

                                              2. Has anyone tried Tasty Carribean on Elm I think? It smells and looks amazing. I couldn't actually try it as I'm on the Master Cleanse but I want to know if it's as good as it looks.