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Dec 1, 2009 08:38 AM

LA Pizza catering for wedding?

First post here, but I've definitely used chowhound boards for suggestions lots in the past!

I am planning a wedding for next summer & am trying to figure out ways to keep the costs down. One idea I had (which may or may not actually be a lot less in price) is to have pizza catered. Not like dominoes, but possible wood-grilled, or fancy flatbreads, and then maybe some salads and pastas. Sound good?

The only option I've found so far (which I got from chowhound) is Angeli Caffe.
Any other suggestions--or even alternatives to make for a decent wedding while keeping the budget low?

The venue isn't set yet, but it will likely be a studio somewhere around downtown LA or the Central Library. The guests will be 75% folks aged 25-30, and the rest in 50's & 60's. Not a SUPER adventurous food crowd, but not the worst either.


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  1. I've never been but downtown pizza place mentioned many times is Pitfire Pizza Company on 2nd Street.

    1. I think that is a great idea for a wedding. I don't know if they cater but have you called Mozza? Won't be cheap though.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! I think Mozza may be out of the budget even if they do cater (I'm trying to find a way to bring costs down), but I contacted Pitfire Pizza to see if they do anything besides just drop off the orders. Wouldn't want to have cold-ish pizza!

        Keep any suggestions coming! A few other places - and by places I mean states - have a number of full-on wood fire grill catering, that bring their own wood grill! i haven't seen anything like that in LA, but has anyone else?

      2. Perhaps I'm assuming too much of your reception site, and if so, forgive my assumption. But speaking as someone who worked in the pizza business, I'd advise you to to look for another plan.

        I don't think the logistics are going to work. First of all - how many people? If we're talking less than 50, it might possibly work. Any more - then food service is going to be slow. Here's why: the sort of wood fired pizzas you're describing can''t last 5 minutes before the crust goes south. So this means pizzas must be made on site, to order, rather than delivered from a restaurant kitchen. That is, unless you don't care that your delivery pizza will be crap.

        Each pizza takes about 8 minutes to bake if you have an oven that can maintain 600F. Big if. "Downtown studio" to me sounds like it would have a typical residential oven, which don't have the BTU's to crank out pizza after pizza for a good sized party crowd, what with all the heat you lose when opening and closing the door. So even with a small number of guests nibbling a slice at a time, they'll be waiting quite a while before the next pizza is ready.

        IF you find a mobile wood fired pizza oven caterer, good luck finding parking near your building for them on the big day. Logistically in downtown LA, there's a lot of flaws with a pizza concept. Sorry to harsh your mellow.

        "Downtown studio" also sounds like a small kitchen, and you may be better off finding foods that can be prepped off site, and finished on site with a minimal amount of cooking. Like sushi. You're near Little Tokyo, and there's no shortage of sushi shops that can prep a limited sushi menu plus some cooked things for the less adventurous. You might be happily surprised what they'll come up with if you tell them you need to work on a budget

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          You definitely did harsh my mellow, but I'm glad to know the reality of the situation. I don't know if the situation would be the same if it wasn't thin-crust (like flatbread or regular crust), but I know that the only good pizza is hot fresh pizza (with a few exceptions), so I might run into similar problems with those too.

          I am definitely open to other suggestions for interesting/different/less expensive catering options. One I had thought of was the Kogi taco truck (which is one of my favorite things), but not everyone likes Korean & I can't think of what would "go" with korean bbq tacos that would be a general crowd pleaser.

          Not feeling In-n-out, or really any of the other "carts", but anyone have any other suggestions??

          1. re: moneypenny02

            You might think of a taco bar. I've been to parties and they have a person grilling meats for tacos. You could add some other side dishes.

            How many people and how much are you willing to spend? Even the In-N-Out truck is pretty expensive and requires a minimum and so does the Kogi Truck from what I understand.

            1. re: monku

              Taco cart is a great idea. No shortage of trucks and mobile carts in the L.A. area.

              I went to a wedding with a mobile taco cart, and everyone enjoyed the food. There were a few recent threads discussing this topic, here's one to start you off:


        2. Don't give up hope without contacting Pizza e Vino. They are rumored to have a mobile wood fired pizza oven.

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          1. re: JAB

            Thanks so much! I will definitely try contacting them & see what happens.

            I am thinking it will probably be around 75-85 people. I am not totally sure on the budget, but in an ideal world, it would be like $3000-$4000 total (including servers at least--if not rentals). From what I am reading/receiving from caterers that is totally beyond the realm of reality, so I am trying to think outside the box.

            Kogi truck is about $1000 minimum + gratuity (and thats for all u can eat for i think 2-3 hours for 100 people). I know not everyone will like that though, so I was thinking perhaps if that would end up being less than hor d'ouvres or whatever, I could do that for cocktail hour & something else simple/cool/fun for dinner. Or just something else altogether!

            Open for suggestions for sure!

            1. re: moneypenny02

              For the record--Pizza e vino DOES have a mobile wood oven. Still getting all the details (and if it will really be a good idea), but it does exist and they do catering.

          2. i haven't tried their food, but i had bookmarked these guys when doing catering research - they bring a stone oven to your location:


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            1. re: felicia d.

              Border Grill has a truck now -


              I know there are varied and sundry opinions about Ciudad and Border Grill but I can vouch for Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger's work ethic. I have had several private parties through their restaurants and their operations people are friendly, responsive and willing to work with you. Worth checking out at least.

              Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!