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Dec 1, 2009 08:14 AM

Glasgow and Ayr


I have 3 meals in Glasgow and Ayr and want to use them wisely. :) So far, I have a reservation at Two Fat Ladies in Glasgow. I've eaten at Stravaign once before so am looking for other recommendations. I'm not really into typical Scottish foods such as haggis and organs, nor am I interested in Indian food. Love innovative foods, home style comfort pub food, SE Asian influences, French inspired,.......

Budget is £10-20 per meal. Any suggestions, especially for Ayr?


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  1. you won't find much in the way of innovative foods in Glasgow! but for SE asian asia style does good malaysian with it's sister branch rumours in town. Thai Siam does reasonable thai food and kokuryo decent korean. you have been to Stravaigin which does the best food round here in my opinion but other bars worth trying are the left bank, big slop or chinaskis.
    Crabshakk is good for seafood and La Valle Blanche do lunches within the budget. All of these are in the West end not in town. Hope this helps.