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Dec 1, 2009 07:51 AM

Lamb Shoulder, Goat steaks!!

Im on the hunt for a Manhattan restaurant that serves Lamb, Ive had enough of chops and leg. I crave a different cut, shoulder being my favorite. Im also on the look out for an Goat steaks!!!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Maybe even a good butcher near/in mid town east!

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    1. re: Cozzer

      The best butcher in midtown east is Simchick on First Avenue just north of 54th Street. He is not going to carry goat at all and I can almost guarantee that he will not have lamb shoulder, but he might be able to order these for you. Why not try Dicksons or the Farmer's Market, were there are several vendors to choose from including Patches of Star for goat meat. I think you want to be sure to specify baby goat, not just "goat."

      Goat steaks--were you planning to grill these? Won't they be very dry?

      If you want to eat goat in a restaurant, Aldea offers it as an entree and it is one of my favorite items there.

    2. Try Dickson's farm stand in Chelsea Market .

      1. You will find goat at halal butchers. It might be that the closest one to you is in Curry Hill (Lexington in the upper 20s).