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Shiner Bock in Boston?

For all of you Texas ex-pats here in Boston, does anyone know where you can buy Shiner Bock in Boston? This was my favorite beer in college but I haven't been able to find it up North. Thanks!

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  1. I know it exists somewhere in Greater Boston, as I had a Shiner Bock just a few weeks ago, but for the life of me I can't remember where. The beer geeks on the board will come through for you, no doubt. I imagine Bukowski Tavern would be a good bet (that's not where I had mine, though).


    1. I had Shiner Bock at Highland Kitchen a few weeks back but I don't know if they still have it going since it was a special. Some of the larger beer/liquor stores might carry it such as Kappy's in Medford.

      1. I've seen it for sale at the Marty's Liquors in Newton. A friend and I spent a sloppy week in Dallas, drinking Shiner Bock. Good times!

        1. Good god...B and I are racking our brains (he's ex-UT-Austin...we were just there in Oct). Have we seen it at Downtown Liquors in Davis?! Maybe some of the Mexican places might have it?! We'll have to follow up on the Highland Kitchen lead. Sorry we're not much help, but it's a fun topic!

          (But honestly, I think it tastes best in Texas with great BBQ (all consumed outdoors, of course)).

          1. Are you guys sure you don't mean Lone Star?

            Lone Star is at all those places, but I haven't seen Shiner Bock ever (and I love it) at Kappy's or Downtown or Marty's and I'm at each of those once/week it seems.

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              I would not order a Lone Star, nor drink a free one if offered.


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                Haha...okay. Anyway, I hope you're right.
                Shiner's distribution map shows nothing for NJ/NY/New England...but if you click on any of those states it says "Thank you for waiting. Shiner beers are on their way."

                Hopefully there's something behind that...and it's not just a placeholder to get people to stop asking.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Ditto! Lone Star is Texan Bud. But still fun to drink!

                2. re: rknrll

                  Yeah, I'm puzzled by this too. If there was Shiner Bock available in Boston, I would be drinking one right now. But I have never seen it for sale at any of those places, and trust me, I'd notice.

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                    Well, it's possible I misremembered / imagined it as being in Boston (wouldn't be the first time). Maybe I had it while traveling somewhere you'd expect to find it. I've searched my notes and photos: no dice. (If it's not a place I'm reviewing for publication, I tend to take an off-the-clock attitude and be less scrupulous about documenting what I'm eating/drinking.) I have Tweeted a query about this, will report back if anyone comes through with a local venue.


                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      In response to my tweet, BeerScribe (a/k/a Andy Crouch, author of www.beerscribe.com and The Good Beer Guide to New England) says 'Probably wasn't Boston unless it was illegally shipped in. Shiner doesn't distribute in the Northeast."

                      So I'm guessing my Shiner Bock in Boston memory is specious. Must have been that trip through San Antonio. Sorry for any false hopes raised.


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                        Was just looking at the Shiner distribution map online, and the closest state to Boston that carries it is Pennsylvania. That jogged my memory: the Shiner Bock I had was at hotel bar after a wedding in Phillie a couple of months back. Town sorta looks like Boston, yes? Ah, well. Mystery solved.


                3. Your best bet for an alternative would be Narragansett Bock I would think. IMO, in about the same quality range. Any non-yellow lager would do actually - Sam Adams Lager maybe - or does that have too much flavor?

                  If Shiner Bock tastes best in TX, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume a New England regional would taste best in New England? ;-)

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                    Gansett does a bock? Where can I locate this?

                    I actually quite like the revived Narragansett for a decent, no-BS accompaniment to a couple chili dogs or a ballgame.

                    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                      Yes, I have seen it at some area beer stores, but I'm not sure if its just a seasonal thing. http://www.narragansettbeer.com/produ...

                      The regular Narragansett is a bit too sweet for my tastes in yellow lager, but I enjoyed the bock.

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                        Completely agree with LStaff...I'll drink a ton of crappy beers before Narragansett...the sweet thing is weird. The bottles are a slight improvement.

                        The Bock is year round, as far as I know.

                  2. Shiner Bock is returning to MA with wide distribution imminently. I was confused to see it advertised during Sox TV broadcasts recently, as I know it hasn't been retailed around here for 20 years, but they've apparently decided we're ready for it again.


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                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      Yeah, the news release came out earlier this week. http://beerpulse.com/2014/07/shiner-b...

                      I remember enjoying Shiner quite a bit when I visited Oklahoma about 10 years ago, but I've gotten a lot snobbier about beer since then, so I'm interested to see how it will hold up for me today.

                      I'm not overly interested in the other varieties that will be hitting our shelves, but we'll see how it goes:
                      "In addition to the flagship Bock, craft beer lovers can also try Shiner White Wing, a Belgian-style white ale brewed with orange and coriander, our seasonal beer (currently Ruby Red Bird, made with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit and ginger) plus our Family Reunion, a sampling of several different Shiner styles including Bohemian Black Lager, Wild Hare Pale Ale, Shiner Premium (our original recipe) and two limited editions – Kosmos Reserve and our current Brewer’s Pride selection, Shiner Kölsch."

                      1. re: huuvola

                        I haven't tried anything but the Bock, but the other varieties, as with Gansett, are held in higher regard by beer dorks I know.


                        1. re: huuvola

                          Serendipity, I'd just looked up citrus beers & noticed Shiner amongst others. I see Burke is the distributor.

                          1. re: huuvola

                            It's one of those beers where 10-15 years ago it was super awesome due to weaker competition. Nowadays it's more in that range between the giant macrolagers and good craft beer (c.f. Yuengling, Gansett)

                        2. Funny you mention it. I saw an ad for Shiner Bock on TV last night.