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Dec 1, 2009 07:44 AM

Any less-rowdy places for birthday drinks in Adams Morgan?

I realize this might be a far-fetched ask, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a place in Adams Morgan that isn't as rowdy as the typical bar scene. We're planning to have dinner at Pasta Mia on Friday and go out for drinks in the vicinity. I noticed most reviews on this board are for restaurants, so I hope I'm not redundant in posting this for after-dinner drink recs. We would be willing to walk down to the U St. area if necessary for a good time.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Perry's and Napolean

    1. I've always liked the Reef for their laid back bar vibe. I don't think it's as "douchey" as the rest of Adams Morgan.

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      1. re: Flaxen_Vixen

        Reef is a frat parties on the weekends.

      2. Napoleon, Bossa and Bedrock Billiards

        1. How many people will be in your group?

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          1. re: Elyssa

            There will be about 6-8 people.
            Thanks for the replies, everyone! I've always wanted to try Napoleon (how can you go wrong with champagne?) but I've never actually made it over there.

            1. re: FoodieMcGee

              I would really avoid the food at Napoleon though. I just don't like that place, but maybe just for drinks it's okay. How about Grill from Ipanema (I don't know what it's like later on a Friday but happy hour during the week is adults and not rowdy)?

              For wine and not bad cocktails, Cashion's should be on your list. There's a great mixologist at Bourbon and it seems fairly adult to me (that's where I've been going most often lately), but still loud music and lots of TVs. Rumba Cafe might work for you, too.

              You do know how long you'll probably have to wait to get that many people into Pasta Mia, right?

              1. re: mselectra

                I was going to recommend Cashion's but I wasn't sure about the size of your group in their rather smallish bar area.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Yes, that''s a good point about Cashion's, especially on a Friday night. (It's just so much better than Napoleon, and right by it, is why I thought of it -- [I mean better food, and I know OP is talking about drinks.])

              2. re: FoodieMcGee

                Napolean can get pretty crowded on a weekend. I think you can reserve a table though, so maybe that would be your best bet or go on the earlier side of things.

                How about Grill from Ipanema, Perry's, or L'Enfant?

            2. i think the black squirrel is your best bet. amazing comfort/bar food (seriously, very good, best burger in adams morgan) and good selection of beers.

              its a grown-up bar, at least in my experiences there.

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              1. re: kneelconqueso

                I'd second black squirrel. I reluctantly went for the first time a few weeks back. [not a fan of adams morgan], Kneelcoqueso is right they have a great beer list. It was busy, but the crowd was not obnoxious.