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Food Challenges in Montreal?

I'd like to know if there are any places in Montreal where they offer food challenges seen in Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel. For example, having a person finish a huge amount of food under a certain time, eating extremely spicy wings, or breaking eating records. Thanks!

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  1. good luck finding one. of all the places i've been to, america is the only place where those places are all over

    1. Yeah, I didn't think there would be much in Montreal. And Thelonious777, it's not for me. Just doing some research. I can't even finish regular sized portion meals sometimes!

        1. Rudy's in Hudson used to have one of those "eat it all and you don't pay" deals which included ribs, chicken, wings, etc. Sadly, Rudy's and their Devil's Diaper sauce is gone The place was owned by a guy named Alex... anyone know what happened and if he opened up another place?

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            Unfortunately Rudy's in closed (just thought I'd update).
            However, I have done this challenge and conquered it twice !
            It's true you have to eat all that you stated above, only you have a 3 hour time limit and you cannot go to the bathroom.
            But if you'd complete it, the $75 meal was free.

          2. McKibbins has a spicy wing challenge.

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              They do? Whoa. They should advertise this. It's always a good laugh watching people sloshed and shooting back habanero sauce like it's water.

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                lol good call. When do they have it, sockhead?

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                  It's anytime you want to sign the waiver...really, you have to sign a waiver...

                  It's on the menu, but I forget what it's officially called, though you get your name put on the wall if you make it through 12 of them if I remember correctly.

            2. I believe Mesquite has a rib eating contest once a year. El Zazium used to have (perhaps still does) Moe Le Monstre, a chicken burger with 4 breasts etc.. and a couple pounds of fries. If you ate it, you won a t-shirt. I did it once. It was pretty disgusting. And the t-shirt wasn't so hot either. The key is to eat really quickly before your body realizes what's up...

              Just kidding with my previous post. I don't think chowhound has a sense of humour.

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                  Mesquite did have this contest. Sadly they have discontinued it!
                  I tried this contest once, as a long shot and actually won.
                  Check it out on their website www.mesquite.ca.
                  I won $500 cash, dinner for 4 & a humongous trophy.
                  Above all, it was really fun, because it was a speed eating challenge!

                  1. I *think* Cosmo's has something along those lines: if you can finish their biggest breakfast special, you get it for free. I think. You will want to check first.