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Dec 1, 2009 07:28 AM

The quest begins...New Year's Eve?

Every year about this time, I try (and usually fail) to find a great restaurant for NYE. I'm looking for someplace with great food that also has entertainment to help ring in the New Year.
I don't want the banquet-room scene; I'm hoping for something FUN, hip, but with REALLY good food.
I'm in the Valley, but will travel (or get a hotel room!).

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  1. Last year my work mate had a fantastic time at the SLS Hotel, and Bazaar. They had a special going on--maybe this year too?

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      We are four guy friends from NY and Montreal heading for LA from Dec. 29 to Jan. 2. We have booked rooms at the SLS and are considering celebrating new year's eve there. Can you tell us more about your experience last year. What kind of crowd is it? We are in our mid-thirties, like to party well and hard (if that's possible) and the lat thing we want is to be surrounded by drunk and crazy kids.

      Thanks for your help.


      1. re: Nachodan

        It was my co-worker and her husband who went to the SLS last year. They had a fantastic time (they're in their early 30's).

        I found the packages on their website.


        Hope this helps!

    2. There's a place in Agoura called Rock n' Steak that might have what you're looking for New Year's Eve.