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Pizzeria Dante -- Brookline

Anyone been?

I was very pleasantly surpised when I ate a few slices recently.

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  1. I went there a few months ago and wasn't impressed. Perhaps they've gotten better? I may give them another try. I'd rather support that sort of business versus the Upper Crust and I will if the pizza is good. The time I tried it though, it wasn't very good. I could make it better at home.

    1. I ate there twice in the first few weeks after it had opened and found the pizza to be undercooked, too cheesy (and this coming from someone who puts cheese on EVERYTHING) and overpriced. I'm not really sure how they are still in business since they are empty nearly everyday when i run by.

      1. Mangia is the only way to go in Brookline unless you want to give up your first born for a pizza from Upper Crust

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          I despise Upper Crust. I don't think their pies are all that and they're expensive to boot. I try to avoid them all I can.

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            I kinda like the Spa's pizza as well as Pino's and Presto's sicilian.

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              My daughter likes the Spa's buffalo chicken pizza, which they sell by the slice. Her comment on Pizzeria Dante is "bleh."

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                The Spa has a vey good slice; I've always been a fan...But Mangia, Mangia, Mangia for Best in Brookline...

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                  I love Mangia, probably the best pizza in Brookline. My oe pet peeve with the place is the guy will never let me pay in advance when I'm waiting for my pizza...I just don't get it.

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                    Strange; they let me do that last time I was there, but they kne I was in a hurry, with an emergency pizza delivery !

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              We had a pie from Pizza Stop recently - very nice.

            3. I guess I got them on a good day, huh?

              IMO Upper Crust spit the bit a long time ago.

              1. I really like Pizzeria Dante and have never been disappointed by the food. The toppings are a little expensive but it's still cheaper than Upper Crust, and the staff is so friendly. They also use really good ricotta cheese (so good that I always get it on my pizza). Last time I was there, I mentioned that I'd like to try their version of eggplant rollatine. The guy I talked to said he made it at least once a week for special requests and I was welcome to order it any time.

                1. For my money, Deno's is the best. Not as impressed by their Sicilian as I am their regular pies and slices. They opened a second location in Brookline a number of months ago.

                  I thought Upper Crust was an overpriced disappointment.

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                    The thing with Deno's is that it's an entirely different neighborhood on the other side of Rt 9 and then several blocks in. The other places are all in CC or the Village and are walkable / T accessible. So it's in Brookline but not the same Brookline.

                  2. Well, C. Hamster, I went again based on your report. I wanted to give them another go because I like supporting mom & pop places. I got the spaghetti and meatballs this time. It was just "eh." I feel terrible though because they are such nice people there, but I still wasn't impressed by the food. It'd be a place I might stop in if I need something quick and don't have time to cook, but really, I don't think I'd seek it out or make any attempt to go back. But that's just me and I do think people should go in and just try for themselves. Maybe they'll find the pizza or pasta dishes to be to their liking.

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                      I admit I had more cheese pizza from there on Thursday and I liked it ..... particularly the tasty chewy crust. I've only had their cheese pizza, nothing else.

                      And "good" pizza is the subject of much debate around here. :-)

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                        I'm a Regina's girl for sure...only the N. End one though.

                    2. Found this review on Bostonist's Twitter account...

                      1. Oy vey...I tried them AGAIN just because I think they are nice people and AGAIN was disappointed. Got another pasta dish this time and it was "meh." I can do better honestly w/ a can of tomatoes, some spices & pasta. I did try this place multiple times, all spread out, and each time I don't like it. I think it's officially it for me w/ trying Pizzeria Dante.

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                          I had pizza from them last week and it was meh, too. Guess I got them on good days before. Or their slices outdo their pies by a lot.

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                            How can a slice be better? That doesn't make any sense. A friend of mine had their food at a catered party, and thought it was good. Everyone has differences in their tastes. However, I've heard enough negatives to give this place a miss.

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                              Dont ask me. But every slice I've eaten has been good but the whole pie was crappy.

                        2. I had leftovers as I couldn't eat all of what I had gotten. I figured I'd take the rest of what I ordered to work for lunch even though it was just "eh"...I haven't had a chance to go food shopping for lunch items yet. It was worse the 2nd day. Ugh. I ended up throwing it out it tasted so bad.

                          1. I went for the first time last night. To me, this was definitely the best pizza I've had so far in Brookline. I should add that I've only tried Upper Crust (which was objectionably greasy and with a texture of shoe leather,, and the store had a funky yeasty smell the day I was there) and Mangia (though the pizza was good, the way in which they reheated my slice left it with the texture of shoe leather).

                            So why did I like Dante? The crust. We just ordered by the slice, and it was excellent crust, chewy where it needed to be, crisp where it needed to be, with very nice flavor. The sauce was a bit sweet for me, but my son loved it. I'd like to try one of their specialty pies next time to see how they do on the 'advanced' ingredients.

                            Why else did I like Dante? The SPINACH! When we arrived, I asked if they had any vegetable sides, and the guy told me they could do whatever we wanted. He sauteed us up a gorgeous plate of spinach, with a touch of garlic and lemon, leaving the spinach soft but still with plenty of texture. Perfection. My 4 year old gobbled it up.

                            It is still not my favorite pizza in the world (I reserve that for Colosio's in Port Jeff Station, NY), but we will be returning. I will put Mangia on my return list as well, since I liked it enough to give it another shot also.