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Dec 1, 2009 06:33 AM

Culina Millcreek or Culina Highlands? - Edmonton

hello, i am getting my parents a gift certificate to one of these two Culinas. is one better than the other? parents live in west end (callingwood) they can drive to any one of them though. just wondering if one stands out more than another. would $175 be good to cover apps, dinner, wine, dessert and tip, or more?


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  1. Both are equally good, in my opinion. My recommendation is to have a look at their menus and see which might appeal to them more - they have some similar food but many dishes that are different. That $ amount would definitely cover the food, although I can't talk about the wine as I generally don't drink and have no idea what their wine prices are like.

    1. Rafer. I'm thinking you would be getting them an Original Fare GC, so it's not like you will have to choose which of the restaurants specifically. See

      The two Culina's provide a different meal IMO, so it may come down to some preference. You can scope out the menu's at their website to give yourself a better thought.

      I would think your price suggestion is totally reasonable, but then again I'm not a wine drinker when I'm out, so hopefully someone more suited can pipe in!

      1. Regarding the cost, was just at Millcreek on Friday and we had 2 salads, 4 entrees, 3 desserts, 2 beers and a $40 bottle of wine for $225 before tip, so $175 would give them the leeway to have a more expensive wine (though they have some very good low-cost wines there - our $40 was for a Baltasar garnacha from Catalayud that is great and costs about $22 in stores).

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          thanks everyone. i'll check out the menus to see what the parents would like more.

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            I prefer Milcreek. but still enjoy highlands very much, I find they are more about homestyle comfort food. Milcreek a bit more edgy and trendy