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Dec 1, 2009 06:21 AM

Christmas Day in NYC

I have been checking opentable for Christmas Day Brunch or Lunch. I could still use a little more insight. I am aware of the crowds in Chinatown... We are staying in Midtown. Looking for creative menu. Our six year old will be with us. Not super fine dining where his presence could bother others, but still want a quality experience. He is well behaved, and we are trying to plan a great nyc experience for all.

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  1. Define "creative".

    Most places which are open will be doing a fairly traditional Christmas menu. Some of the ethnic places, if they are open, may have a different national twist to their menu.

    1. I'd recommend commenting on your existing post rather than starting a new topic...

      Plus OpenTable isn't the end all be all of Christmas Day lunch options...

      1. What about Norma's at the Parker Meridien? It is definitely not a traditional meal, but has a very fun brunch menu and you will see plenty of families with kids there. It is definitely open on Christmas, too.

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          Myself and other hounds have found Norma's to be overpriced and of mediocre quality.

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            I would definitely skip Norma's. Not a good value or experience.

          2. New York Noodle Town ;)